The Naylor report, a summary

Published on May 30, 2017

Ruth Rafferty
Jan TT21 I don’t see why on earth this NHS property was handed over to a private company for free in the first place. They are now renting much of this property back to the NHS and we’re paying the rather handsome salaries of their Board of Directors! NHS facilities are being closed down, and I’m sure there’s many people who wouldn’t have considered them surplus to requirement. If anything I would say the service needs to be expanded given our aging population creating additional demand on services.

Rod Oakley
This is the most disgusting piece of tory NHS sell off ever. first throw the NHS into chaos by closing A&Es so they can bleat that it is over-crowded and not fit for purpose & then disenfranchise the staff making it even more unfit for purpose. All so they can sell it off to the americans and private enterprise. May’s husband’s company is investing in private health care and some tory MPs own health care companies. We must all vote against the tories in this election and tell them that this country belongs to us the people not to them.

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