Hampstead Cover-Up: Ella Gareeva (Draper) #pedogate – It’s Getting Bigger


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Free The Hampstead 2
The children disclosed that Dearman had encouraged them to commit matricide for two years, but due to their mother’s loving devotion and their love for their mother, they explained they would never do it.
When Abraham materialised the children disclosed this information and explained that Dearman had told them that “Mama is easy to kill”.

Dearman then urged the children to kill Abraham when it became obvious that Abraham was suspicious of him and the children had revealed that Abraham had questioned them.
(TBMC handlers regularly program victims to murder loved ones, or anyone else getting close to the truth, in order to gain greater control over them.) In this case the children were encouraged by Dearman to murder Abe, and Ella was to be “fitted up”up for Abe’s death, thereby giving Dearman full custody of the children, which was the reason for encouraging the children to murder their mother originally. tRicky Demon.
Had the children murdered their mother, Dearman would have gained custody of them. Had the children murdered Abe in his bed, as Dearman had advised them to do, Ella would have been fitted up for Abe’s murder and Dearman would have gained custody.
The bravery of Alisa and Gabriel is inspirational.

Free The Hampstead 2
THE PEDOSODOMITE DEATH CULT have removed or banned from the U.K. approx. 100 videos and articles from the www. They have lied to have fundraising platforms closed. After regularly receiving between 500-1000 replies to comments per page we are now receiving less than less than 5, on certain videos and these are from Dearman and GCHQ trolls.
CENSORSHIP — the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society — has been a hallmark of dictatorships throughout history.

Free The Hampstead 2
“Spineless Norman”, “Mk Ultra 666”, “Bea Bea”, “Darcy the Pedagogic Panda”, “Roger Flutterby”, and “Sister Angela the Whistleblowing Nun of Oldcastle” are more examples of Desperate deluded Ricky Dearman’s fake “sock puppet” accounts below which he employs in futile attempts to redirect the narrative of the abysmal attempted Hampstead Cover Up of Sadistic child sodomy, child and organ trafficking and serial murder, which are the hallmarks of STATE SPONSORED TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS.

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