Steve Keen is backing Jeremy Corbyn & The Labour Party.

Another Angry Voice

”Steve Keen is one of my economics heroes. He tried to tell the world that the global financial sector meltdown was coming, but the mainstream economists and financial pundits ignored his warnings and derided him as a crank and a scaremonger.

He was proven absolutely right when the financial sector meltdown took mainstream economics totally by surprise.
Now he’s backing Jeremy Corbynand The Labour Party.”

”Just in case you somehow didn’t find the time to wade through the Institute for Fiscal Studies report into the Labour and Tory manifesto plans (😂😂), this is the bit where they explained that the Labour deficit reduction plan is pretty much the same as the Tory one which is quite something for a right-wing think tank to admit.

So much for all that Tory debt-fearmongering eh?”

Page 15 if you’re interested in seeing the source:

News From The Hustings In Watford

“The only numbers in the Conservative manifesto are the page numbers,” says the Labour candidate to laughs from the audience.

“Our manifesto is fully costed,” he adds.

Comment: ”Play the man – seems to be grubby spineless Harrington’s only tactic. No wonder the scaremongering Pharisees like him crucified an innocent man. It’s so pitiful how history repeats itself.”

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