Theresa May’s Poor Performance On CH4 Part iii

What makes me most angry is that the people she intends to punish are the ones who are uniquely disenfranchised by the nature of their illness. Many dementia sufferers are unable to vote against this government because they have a disease of the brain. In spite of being unable to vote, they still have to pay all the same taxes as the rest of us. Dementia is a HEALTH problem, not a SOCIAL problem. We ALL have to stand up and act now on behalf of dementia sufferers who are unable to vote. Let’s show that we are better than Theresa May thinks we are. Vote for a society that will refrain from asset-stripping the most vulnerable amongst us. Vote Labour.

Theresa May desperately needs a make over, she has the deportment of a beef faced BA stewardess pretending to be a debutante. Now Now Thomas.

Gav67 – > YouCouldntMakeItUp
During the audience debate, May actually sounded upset that people were living so long. It was easy to miss amongst the droning waffle, but it was there.

Even the media and the Tories (same thing, by the way) are having irreversible doubts about her; she is driven by blinkered personal ambition, vanity and barely concealed greed. These are not attractive traits anyway – and totally unsuitable for someone in public service.

It’s all quite embarrassing and distasteful.

UnrepentantPunk – > BaronessHawHaw
What’s grabbed those I know is that eye-catching headline, ‘ARTICLE PULLED BY THE TELEGRAPH AFTER PRESSURE FROM THERESA MAY’S CAMPAIGN‘.

Too bad she’s never asked about it since I’d love to hear/watch her ‘strong and stable’ excuses.

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