Theresa May’s Poor Performance On CH4 Part i

I’ve been voting for 35 years and I’ve never come across such an incompetent throwback, not what the country needs right now. If you look at May’s career it is one of crisis management and incompetence with little or no results to show. Like a lot of modern Torys (most noticeably Cameron and Osbourne – pure vaudeville) It’s all smoke and mirrors, promises which have no intention of fulfilment behind them. Basically a rag-tag bunch of liars, opportunistically bluffing their way along. It’s risible for god’s sake. Boris Johnson, whats that all about then, utter buffoon., the likes of Fox and Fallon, blustering, corrupt arseholes who would have been junior lackies under Thatcher. David Davis, jesus give me strength! What a hopeless bunch of losers taking the good ship Blighty down to the bottom of the sea. Vote Tory vote unstoppable disaster, one crisis after another which the poor and working people will end paying through the nose for. You havent had a pay rise in 5 years (10 actually if you take into account the rises in cost of living) The UK is finished with these dullards at the helm.

The more the Conservatives focus on May as a kind of “el Presidente” and being the proverbial ace in their pack, the more the whole house of cards starts to wobble. The mask is slipping, the reliance on strap lines and sound bites is starting to sound like pleading, a case of volume rather than reason being used in debate. The conservatives pose the biggest threat to this nation in modern times through poor personnel, woolly strategy, an absence of objective and zero personality, humility or empathy. The mud-slinging about the IRA, defence and state of Corbyn’s jacket is not sticking anymore. I was against Corbyn until very recently, it is now clear that it is he and his policies that are the only thing that make any sense and give the impression of strength and stability.

Never mind the nasty policies. These are the Tories and we expect it from them.

What is perhaps unexpected is that May is the second consecutive Tory Prime Minister who is simply grossly incompetent, clearly over-promoted way above her abilities. How much longer can the Tories keep up this myth that only they have the competence to govern? It is becoming increasingly laughable. At this rate even Diane Abbott will begin to look as if she knows what she is doing in comparison.
We can either have a social system owned and run by the State or we can have a social system owned and run by private enterprise for profit with no input by the State.  But what we have at the moment is a social system owned by the State but run by private enterprise for profit. So the law forces people to pay private enterprises for public servises which have no interest other than making a profit.
This of course is nothing more than a rip-off by private enterprise with the collusion of the State. And now the whole charade is coming to a head with the State making laws that entitle private companies to take your home in return for what is described as care of the elderly.
In this way both the State and private enterprises will have no responsibility for their employees or retired employees as we already see with zero hour contracts etc.

soixante-huitard – > wrynot 
Many pensioners like myself are still paying taxes. I have been paying taxes, National Insurance, Purchase Tax/VAT etc since I was 14 years old. The fault is not ours that successive governments have not invested them in the infrastructure of our country (housing for example) which could produce returns.
As for May being courageous I have seen no evidence of that in her manner at all, and being explicit is something she avoids at all cost.

The biggest lie on the social care policy is that it is a sustainable and a long-term solution. It well maybe in the next 20 or so years, but what will happen when the generation who rent that includes people in their early 40s, will get to the retirement age? Who will pay for the social care of all the renters, and how? Even if they will be lucky enough to get on to the property ladder later in their life, many will be most likely still be paying off their mortgage when they retire…

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The main point of the Dilnot Report was to bring social care within the remit of some sort of National Insurance scheme, as there was no effective private provision of such insurance. Seeing as the report was supported by Tories and Labour alike and they wanted cross-party talks to take things further, I’m surprised it hasn’t been used as a reference point by either side when they made their plans.

She has proved over the years how incompetent she is when she was Home Secretary but she is very crafty. Whenever anything went wrong under her watch she would disappear and some other poor wretch would have to stand in for her and take the flack.
The danger of the dementia tax is what she is not telling you which how it will be administered, if the private sector is involved get ready for the Panorama programmes in years to come about the abuse of pensioners property and finances.

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