Splits emerge at highest level of botched Tory general election campaign as Theresa May plans a relaunch

Nick Timothy (left) “basically overruled everyone”, the Sunday Times claimed.  Nice work Nick.  Keep it up!

”Polls have found Mr Corbyn’s policies of renationalising the railways and hiking tax on the rich are overwhelmingly favoured by the electorate.”

Thanks to NLAT for the link.  NLAT has been non-stop bringing TC shortcomings to the wider audience.  He’s positively ”cooking on gas” Gideon – and the real worry is, at this rate, he will be stealing all the guests from that BBQ we had planned for later this month.  You know how fickle Gerald and Theodora can be.

Her first comment… “Andrew when I go around the country and talk to people”……
1 She talks at people not to them.
2 Her ‘audiences’ are all tory activists and even they look bored to be there.
3 Any questions have to be submitted beforehand so the scriptwriters can answer them for her.

GW: When TeasMaid goes round the country and talks to people? She has sent Amber Rudd out to do the talking for her ffs!

bob dee
Vote losers for the Tories are:

  • Weak and wobbly ChickenMay
  • Tory Dementia Tax, Stealing Homes
  • Tory plans to remove the Triple-Lock from your pensions
  • Tory Attacks on the Disabled
  • Tory plans for full on Fracking
  • Tory plans to Privatise our NHS
  • Major mess ups inside the Tory party Fallon mess up being the main one
  • Cruella’s trying to bring back Fox Hunting and shooting Badgers
  • Cruella’s Attacks on Internet Freedom
  • More Tory Austerity for the 95% for the next 5 yrs
  • Tories to Steal the free School meals from our Infants
  • Tories to give Tax Hand-outs for the Rich 5% for the next 5 yrs
  • Labours plan to renationalising the Railways
  • Labours Plan to Tax the Rich 5%
  • Labours plan for lifting Student Fees

Lets keep telling the electorate what they are Voting for If they Vote Cruella’s tory party

………..VOTE……… LABOUR………….

So we pay contributions for social care but we don’t get any social care. They will even take back the cost of care in your own home which is outrageous. I suppose they will keep the social managers and have chiefs and no Indians. Care at home will be supplied by the private sector and if you can’t pay they will take your house to pay for it after you die. That stinks because no matter what you do they will take your house, incredible.

People have seen old weak & wobbly sneak Thersa May is not capable of being PM. Amber Rudderless, Spreadsheet Phil, Jeremy ‘hand in the till’ Hunt, Circus act Johnson with their same tired old austerity for the many and tax cuts for the few policies all just seal the deal. VOTE LABOUR FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

The election offers three stark choices . 1. I hand over the keys to my house . 2. I become best buddies with every terrorist that walks the planet , or 3. My leader gets into bed with Jean paul Juncker and stays there .
Decisions decisions .  Go on Frank – Dare you.

Sir John,
It also helps if you don’t vote for a political party with terrorist sympathisers in it.

Does that include Mrs May who just sold weapons to the Saudi’s (who are the biggest exporters to terrorism) also google Conservative politician who was a member of IRA her name is Maria Garland she once said: “I agreed with the shooting of British soldiers and believed the more who were killed the better.”

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