Calais: ‘Dogs are allowed in cars here, but refugees are not’

Tony Varadaraj
The Manchester Islamic homicidal bomber’s father was let in as a refugee. We now know how that has worked out. The only developed country that has no Muslim terror problem is Japan because it has not allowed mass immigration. Respect to their leadership for putting their citizens’ safety and needs above those artificially created by the globalists.

Mangash says came all the way from Pakistan as a refugee, and then says that if he can’t get to the UK he’ll go back to Pakistan.

SO not an actual refugee then is he, but rather an economic migrant that will go back to his home if he doesn’t get to go to his preferred destination.

If he were a genuine refugee, i.e. his life was genuinely in danger in his home country to the point that it is impossible for him to return then he would have, and should have, claimed asylum in the first safe country he arrived at.

I literally have no sympathy for people like him, his current circumstances are of his own making.

Or Karim who’s mum keeps asking him to come back home but has decided that he’s going to come to the UK. Again an obvious fraud that’s utilising the refugee crisis to try to enter Britain as an economic migrant.

If people want to migrate to the UK for economic reasons let them apply for a visa like everyone else.

So, Mangash spent five years somewhere in Europe before getting to France where he has been for two years. I think we are entitled to ask why he hasn’t applied for asylum in those seven years. Perhaps he has but been refused and thought he might strike lucky in England.

“The 33-year-old, who is Pashtun and from Pakistan, has been in Europe for seven years but came to Calais on his planned journey to the UK as a refugee fleeing fierce conflict.”

In Europe for seven years, from which European country is he fleeing severe conflict?
He is not a refugee, simply an economic migrant with no right of entry to the UK. This article is a disgrace.

Yes, it is the fact that we have completely failed to differentiate between those with genuine claims for asylum, and chancers who come to Europe for material gain, that has caused the compassion deficit in European populations.

GW:  He left his grocery business and is now homeless in France?  Who in their right mind thinks that is an improvement?

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