Tories say shrinking poll lead is ‘expected’ as advantage is reduced by three points

I can’t believe Sharia Mayhem.

She will not get my vote, or the vote of many sensible OAPs.(Forget Brexit)

In the manifesto pensioners that have worked all their lives will lose the most.

ie, The Triple lock pension. winter fuel allowance. possibly free TV licence,

and if we become ill most of our savings.

What will politicians lose? sweet FA,

What will the idol rich lose sweet FA,

What will the idol unemployed on benefits lose sweet FA.

She will send millions bombing the innocents

she will spend millions in aid to despots regimes including North korea,

If Pensioners vote Conservative they must have a “Slate loose”

John Burns
Since the Conservatives got to power in 2010:

• They have doubled national debt;
• Borrowed more than ALL Labour governments put together;
• Cut corporation tax from 28% to 19%. Giving £70bn to the richest, and want to cut it further to 17%!
• Given tax cuts to those in the Rich List of £658 bn. Enough for 40 Crossrails each year.

At at the expense of public services, such as:
• Police;
• National security;
• Schools;
• Social care;
• Housing.
• NHS;

These were subject to savage cuts during 7 years long `austerity!`

To take votes from UKIP to win the 2015 election, the Tories gambled our future by offering an EU referendum, believing the result would be Remain, but it backfired.

During Theresa May’s premiership there were:

• London Westminster attack
• NHS cyber attack
• Manchester bombing

20,000 police officers and 25,000 soldiers have been made redundant by the Conservatives. We now have an army in the streets because we do not have enough police. They fed corporate greed compromising the UKs security. That’s inexcusable.

• The Tories have made a total mess of this country!
• The Tories are incompetent and unfit to run this country!
• Theresa May is a laughing stock abroad!

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