Theresa May’s Record

Chris Holden
Published on May 26, 2017

Thanks to a Comment @ NLAT for the link.

Plus she locked up Melanie Shaw – a CSA Survivor – in prison for trying to speak out about child abuse & deaths at Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottingham.  This was to protect a senior member of the Tory Party.  Melanie is STILL in jail but has been moved from the notorious Foston Hall due to a sustained campaign by supporters.

Beechwood Child Abuse Survivor Melanie Shaw Arrested Again

by BRIAN GERRISH | Wednesday, 22nd July 2015

AND Theresa May Supports ”The Naylor Report”

Chris Holden

The Naylor Report talks about the cost of getting NHS Assets ready for selling them off which just happens to be 10 Billion Pounds.  NHS Property Services Ltd is a new company the Tories created as a holding company for NHS land and property Assets.  There are 2 people on the Management Team of NHS Property Services Ltd.  One of them is Simon Stevens.

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