UK foreign policy ‘has risen terror threat’ says Green party co-leader who backs Corbyn

Though I hate everything these two parties stand for, they are right in this issue. The bombing of muslims isn’t helping and hasn’t helped. Blair has all of these people’s blood on his hands, and should be in jail.

There is an element of truth to all this, Corbyn’s own party leader and Prime Minister (BLAIR) cooked up a tissue of lies to justify going into Iraq and to target its lawful leader by removing him. So called ‘Precision’ bombing was supposedly used to get him but in fact destroyed Bagdad and killed thousands of innocent people, neither Blair nor Bush ever acknowledged the numbers involved Is it not unsurprising that many Iraqis, predominently Muslims, now hate the west and want revenge. ISIS/DAESH was the result and the situation being made much worse by then doing the same in Lidya and Syria. We now also learn that Corbyn was/is a closet IRA sympathiser/member and also we should not forget Blair was instrumental in selling out our brave armed forces to reach an ‘understanding’ with the IRA terrorists, with people like that who needs friends?  IRA was probably some type of Gladio Operation.

Timewatch: Operation Gladio, The Puppeteers

Benden van Nijvel

Published on Apr 23, 2013
Het tweede deel van een drie-delige BBC-documentaire over Gladio.

Uitgezonden op BBC2 in 1992. Deze documentaire vertelt het verhaal van Gladio, een geheim door de staat gesponsord terreurnetwerk dat in Euopa opereerde. Het is een geheim leger – onder leiding van de CIA, MI6 en NAVO – dat verantwoordelijk is voor de dood van honderden onschuldige Europese burgers, waarna ze de feiten probeerden in de schoenen te schuiven van linkse groeperingen. Bekend onder de naam stay-behinds kregen deze groepen toegang tot militaire uitrusting die normaal bedoeld was om sabotage-acties te plegen na een Sovjet-invasie.

Thanks to AanGirfan for the link.

  • The CIA-Mossad’s Operation Gladio B involves the employment of Moslems to carry out terrorist attacks.
  • Salman Abedi’s father is alleged to have been in touch with ABU QATADA who is ‘an MI5 ASSET’.
  • Salman Abedi and his father helped the CIA to topple Gaddafi in Libya.
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