Transvestigación: Kate McCann

C Riga Shira

English Subtitles

Ange W
Also why, when Home Secretary, Theresa May sealed Maddie’s medical for a whole 100 years. 100 years! If that doesn’t shout ‘something sinister to hide’ then nothing does, does it?

Kate McTrann.

Ange W
I am certain a little’un they referred to as ‘Maddie’ did exist, and was horribly murdered. I certainly wouldn’t undermine what was done to her by trying to say she was just a child actor. That’s what a lot of paid ‘truther’ youtubers do about the very real psyop attacks where innocent civilians and children are murdered in order to create martial law. Saying they were all actors and that no one died is aimed at those who believe the parents did it or know who did. It gives an ‘alternative’ that insinuates that they aren’t as evil as they are. Same with regard to our governments. The idea being put forth that ‘they wouldn’t really harm their own people.’ Like they never put viruses and poisons in our air and in all we must eat, drink and wash in.

Best beware of those telling you ‘it was a hoax’. As Gerry said ‘confusion is good’. Satanists believe that order comes from chaos (their order that is). Those saying ‘hoax’ to real events are often paid shills/agents who post a few truthful videos on other subjects to fool people that they can be trusted.

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