The ToriCons Are ”A Bunch of Chicken Weasels” – Part ii

If the public elect a government that hasn’t been held to account for its seven years of coalition and government and hasn’t been thoroughly quizzed on their manifesto, then the public are electing an undemocratically accountable government (or is it Teresa May’s Team?) they are putting themselves in a very dangerous and risky situation in my opinion on economic, public services, public safety net and foreign policy issues..

The Armed Forces Deployment (Royal Prerogative) Bill [HL] 2016.17 is sitting in parliament awaiting its second reading…

Cameron’s Conservative government supplied the Islamic jihadists in Libya with an airforce to overthrow Gadaffi’s secular government under the guise of protecting civilians, now the son of one of these rebels has murdered 22 British civilians.

Strong and stable, strong and stable, Cain and Abel, Fred and Mabel, don’t panic! don’t panic! panic…………………………

Aunty Maybel is being strong and stable while crouching under the kitchen table. Safe space, safe space. Nobody gets close unless they are filtered by that nice Mr Crosby and we definitely will not be taking any phone calls from that horrwwid Jeremy!

Crazy Hippie
“Perhaps significantly, the Prime Minister would have been in the air, en route from Brussels to the G7 summit, making the Tory strategy more difficult to discuss and decide.” Yeah right.

T May @ G7 2017 TeasMaid  is certainly pushing the ”Chain Gang” with that exaggerated piece of neckwear. TeasMaid has an odd taste in Jewellery that’s for sure.

Um, they have telephones on airplanes these days. And more.

I suspect May has been shipped off to this event to make her invisible, because every time she opens her mouth the Tories lose two more points. She did not have to go in person, could have sent a representative. Davis declined to appear for no very convincing reason; definitely strange behaviour. IDS is going to be the public face of the campaign next… now there’s someone they ought to keep locked in the cellar, his ugly mug is really not loved. Boris the Buffoon has escaped from the cellar and is crashing around being a loose cannon, doing his own thing and contradicting himself. The Tory campaign appears to be adrift and in trouble.

Editor Ange
It’s quite clear that the Tory manifesto, with its social care plans and then the disastrous performance by May in her interview with Andrew Neil, has woken a lot of people up. This script, that all of the Tory cabinet in fact stick to, is pure Lynton K Crosby. But it’s a campaign strategy that no longer works. It didn’t work in the London Mayor election and it is not working now for May. You can not fight an election and refuse to give detail on policies at a time when people are so angry about so many things. People are fed up with politicians lying to them, treating them as too simple to understand detail. Whatever anyone might think of Corbyn or Labour’s policies, they do at least answer questions. They do have detail in their manifesto, and they are on the right side of ordinary people, public services and jobs. Teresa May took a risk in calling this election, for good reasons, but she expected people to be blinded by Brexit. It was always going to be the case that she would have to deal with domestic manifesto policy, and she only has herself to blame if the numerous u-turns and same old tired Tory spin cost her the increased majority she was expecting.

Anyone know what Tory policies really are? They don’t defend their record, rarely answer the limp questions posed by servile MSM and just waffle on at tangents and repeat their memes.

I expect they are having a major strategy meeting, May has been at the opening of the new flashy NATO building in Belgium hobnobbing with fellow warmongers and scowling at Trump.

Well our NATO fees must have taken a hit building that edifice.

Die Nato baut ein neues Hauptquartier in Brüssel.

GW: Yes we get all the falling down buildings and pot holes in our roads & Brussels Bureaucrats get all the 22nd Century architecture!

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