#PizzaGate Part 1: McCann Disappearance

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Patricia Treslove
Madeleine McCann would still be alive if her parents had not left 3 young children alone in an unlocked property so they could go out drinking drinking and eating. There was and is no excuse. There was a babysitting service that was FREE – they left the children every morning and every afternoon, so why wouldn’t they have them in the evening? These people are as guilty as hell, watch the Portuguese police film, and see for yourself, and read Amaral’s book the truth of the lie, the McCanns don’t want you to because it shows you how many lies they have told, they have told them so often they believe them, the truth will come out, because there are more people who know it, and the more that know it, the more chance of it coming out.

Math Easy Solutions (edited)
UPDATE: After researching the McCann case in more detail, it is clear that there was a cover-up in the case, in which Madeleine almost certainly died before her reported disappearance. Also, the efits almost certainly were used as a warning message to the Podestas to keep to what ever blackmailed agenda there might have been.

Learn MORE by watching #PizzaGate Part 4: https://youtu.be/EIzjickYpEA

Stephen 1978
listen to this clip of statement analysis Peter Hyatt work on one statements the Mccanns made and in the statement he says there is an embedded confession very interesting. https://youtu.be/_UTL-W5jA1M

Robert Mehrens

Lisa Davies (edited)
Kate Maccan was born a boy. There is only one childhood photo of her. The hair has been photo shopped on. You can also see male features in more recent photos of her running. And it’s linked to the cover up. It would mean Madeliene was living with two male paedophiles. Here’s the photo. http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/Nigel/sitebuilderpictures/katemccannchild2.jpg

Becki Percy Survivor
Maddie was in one of the trafficking houses with me. It was bad. I pray she is OK.

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