The ToriCons Are ”A Bunch of Chicken Weasels” – Part iii

Have you seen any of Trumps address? Stoltenberg standing behind him kept furrowing his brows and looking disapproving and uncomfortable and May glared at him at times.

Trump scolds fellow NATO leaders: Spend more for military

Trump actually stated that he had an agreement with the Gulf States he met in Saudi to stop funding terrorists/jihadists… if anyone needs any more proof where much of the funding for terrorist groups comes from, Trump actually let it slip in public! Of course the Gulf States just happen to be NATO allies, oil producers and major buyers of weapons and military advice and contracts! Their funding of terrorist/ Wahhabi/Salafi groups also aids the destruction of sovereign states, opening them up for plunder and neoliberal privatization measures at the expense and suffering of the population. Aleppo’s large and modern industrial district was looted and shipped out in caravans of lorries via Turkey early in the war on Syria, further crashing the economy on top of EU/US sanctions.. loss of income is another recruiting tool, terrorist groups pay relatively well…

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks beside NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the start of the NATO summit at their new headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, May 25, 2017.

GW: There’s a bit of steel from World Trade Centre there – should we have it tested?

It was Theresa May who let in the bomber – inspite of it being known that his Dad was an Al Queda fighter.

She was the Home minister at the time.

She should resign!!!!

Sweden, France and Germany have suffered terrorist attacks and are barely involved in the Middle East. The one thing that does link them and the UK is a large imported population from the Middle East which contains a large minority which want to overthrow our way of life and replace it with theirs.

I kind of agree Alan, but I don’t think Corbyn would be a pushover just letting people through. I think even in Sweden there are huge integration problems which creates a “them and us” society. I also think Corbyn would be more receptive to listening and not sit on his haunches. For years, we have had a huge influx, where the educated flourish and get good jobs and integrate, and the poor who keep archaic rigid customs and never learn English.

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