Conservatives cancel election campaign relaunch as poll lead over Labour evaporates

The Conservatives cancelled the relaunch of their election campaign, as nervousness grew over the party’s evaporating lead in the opinion polls.

The Conservatives declined to discuss why Mr David Davis had pulled out of a Central London event, a decision taken late last night as news of the YouGov/Times poll dropped.

A pension is a deferred payment for work already done.
The state paying out is otherwise known as the National Health Service.
Oddly enough, I believe in government of the people, by the people, for the people.

The Tory party strategy was to make the election a personality contest due to Corbyn’s low popularity.
Epic fail.

# May is visibly cracking and becoming more unhinged with every day.
# The Health secretary is hiding in a cupboard.
# The Home secretary is an abject failure and should resign immediately.
# The Defence secretary is a blithering idiot.
# The Foreign secretary is not allowed out on his own any more.
# The Chancellor is resitting his GCSE Arithmetic and is locked in his room studying.

What a dysfunctional collection of weak, hollow, clueless imbeciles.

Jeremy Hunt has never fulfilled the role as health secretary. The man has been a disgrace to the job from start to finish in my opinion. Where was he when ransomware crippled the NHS?

Jeremy Hunt could not run a bath never mind the NHS.

Iamnot TylerDurden
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

“The Iraq war did not create the problem of murderous Islamic fundamentalists, though the war has unquestionably sharpened the resentments felt by such people in this country, and given them a new pretext”.
Boris Johnson 16th July 2005.
It will be funny watching him disagreeing with himself ??

Serves her right. She cynically thought Corbyn and Labour would be a cake walk.The trouble is like Brexit it is not something you can control-so tough luck Control Freak Can’t Get Immigration Down May. Hoist by own petard.

“Many Labour candidates will fear that Mr Corbyn’s controversial attempt to partly blame Britain’s foreign wars for terror attacks will be unpopular on the doorstep”

Fake reporting. 69% of the population agree that the wars in the middle east has fuelled terrorism.

”Many Labour candidates will fear that Mr Corbyn’s controversial attempt to partly blame Britain’s foreign wars for terror attacks will be unpopular on the doorstep”

nothing controversial about it – it’s a fact and recognised by former head of MI5

It’s self evident that there is a link. May is making a fool of herself in trying to argue otherwise.

“a fact and recognised by former head of MI5”
…and the former Ambassador to Libya and Iran

I’ve just watched the BBC/ITV and Channel4 news and none of them mentioned that Team Theresa May canceled their relaunch of their election campaign, so this embarrassing inconvenience has been swept under the table by the our terrestrial TV servers. They are in a panic and our media is giving them cover.

Cowardly, mealymouthed, swaggering Tories… When you stand up to a bully, as Mr Corbyn has done, it buggers off with its tail between its legs. That’s what the demented, nasty party has done.

What a bunch of chicken weasels – they have finally realised that the more people see of them the more people realise just how loathsome and incompetent they are. So now they will hide away and let the mainstream sewer play its role as the Ministry of spun and Lies for the Neo Nasty Reich

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