Boris Johnson’s words have come back to haunt the Tories today

Tory Michael Fallon slates ‘Jeremy Corbyn quote’ live on air – then realises they were Boris Johnson’s words

”Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was left red-faced after slating what he thought was a Jeremy Corbyn quote – before realising they were actually Boris Johnson’s words.

The top Conservative was attacking the Labour leader live on Channel 4 News this evening.

It came after Mr Corbyn said we “must be brave enough” to admit the war on terror has failed in a landmark speech following the Manchester suicide bombing.

Presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy read out a quote to Mr Fallon: “Isn’t it possible that things like the Iraq war did not create the problem of murderous Islamic fundamentalists, though the war has unquestionably sharpened the resentments felt by such people in this country and given them a new pretext?”

Mr Fallon thought this was a comment from Mr Corbyn’s speech and went on the attack: “Well they are not entitled to excuses.””  But this time the words came from BoJo & not Corbyn.  Fallon should have been expecting some sort of trick like that  from CH4 but the ToriCons are so used to getting an easy ride from MSM.  

SKY News was banned from covering the TC election campaign we hear after Ms Beth Rigby asked if Jeremy Hunt was hiding in a cupboard.  Dearie Me.  What a twat!  It just goes to show the poor calibre of Team Theresa!

The exchange on Channel 4 News made for uncomfortable viewing (Photo: Channel 4)

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