”Oh To Be A King And Love The Morn”


sovereigntea25 May 2017 at 11:22
Treason May fraternising with the sponsors of terror (pic)



Theresa May is back in the Gulf, her second trip since taking office, and she is emphasising that the intelligence-sharing co-operation is one good reason to stay close to the Saudis. In a statement issued by Number Ten last week, May’s spokesperson claimed that “security relationships” between the two countries had saved “many lives in the UK”. As I have argued elsewhere, this is a relatively sound proposition.

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The great African-American poet Paul Laurence Dunbar reading what is surely his best known and loved poem “Sympathy” – “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.

Arms sales are still a strong theme. This time around, and after so many decades, the Saudis have actually started using the fighter jets we have been selling them and training them on for so long. Now the emphasis is on providing munitions for the Saudis to use in their paranoid war in Yemen. It turns out the House of Saud has that classic problem, more often experienced by middle-aged converts to golf or angling or racing cars. These well-heeled hobbyists are happy to splash cash on top class gear, but falsely believe that their investments in shiny kit necessarily make a good golfer or fishermen or amateur race-track driver. In other words, the Saudi military is well-equipped, to a tee, but ill-experienced.

Arms sales are an important part of the current UK-Saudi relationship May is encouraging – if dead Yemeni children count as a positive, but the British prime minister was also on the hunt for something else; post-Brexit market confidence. The chief of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) was on the trip, and pitched post-Brexit investments in Britain to the head of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. He was also trying to convince their state oil company, Saudi Aramco, to list publically on his stock exchange.

Anonymous @ AAG: 25 May 2017
Soldiers AND police together on the streets. Well that’s the 1984/V for Vendetta style society sorted for the U.K.

They’re expecting another attack soon so that means either the security services are planning to murder their own people again or the actors are preparing for another episode of ”let’s pretend.”

Anon @ AAG: 25 May 2017
Well said!

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