Manchester: Ariana Grande 322 & 10:4 Message Received Code

Pink Balloons??? Not balloons.  NASA was playing with balloons.

99 Red Balloons – Aria Crescendo and others on SoundCloud.

Manchester 22 May 2017: 142nd day; 223 days left in 2017 – reversed to 322 Skull & Bones Code = ManHOAX

Manchester 23 May 2017: 143rd day L1 code – 222 days left in 2017  for another death or HOAX.

Brabantian @ AAG: 24 May 2017

Attacks on 22nd of month

(1) 22 July 2011 Norway ‘Brevik’ massacre
(2) 22 May 2013 soldier Lee Rigby UK
(3) 22 March 2016 Brussels airport & metro
(4) 22 July 2016 Munich shopping centre
(5) 22 March 2017 London Westminster Bridge
(6) 22 May 2017 Manchester UK Ariana Grande concert

Passport / ID documents found at terrorism attack scenes

(1) – 11 Sep 2001 in NYC towers rubble tho aeroplane has ‘turned to vapour’
(2) – 7 Jan 2015 Charlie Hebdo in car in front of Paris Jewish deli used for Mossad meetings
(3) – 13 Nov 2015 Bataclan Paris ‘after killer exploded his suicide vest’
(4) – 14 Jul 2016 Nice France lorry attack ‘passport found’
(5) – 19 Dec 2016 Berlin Christmas market lorry attack ‘ID found’, after 24 hours of searching lorry cab
(6) – 22 May 2017 Manchester UK ‘suicide bomber leaves ID’ at scene, age 22 killing 22 on May 22

Hell Jay @ AAG: 23 May 2017

21 May 2017 – TUCSON – Early risers will be treated to a view of the moon and planet Venus Monday morning.

The rising of the planet Venus as the Morning Star is an important ancient astronomical event still playing an important role in the initiation rituals of Freemasons as Filips Coppens explains in his book ‘The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel’.
copied from

Anonymous @ AAG: 23 May 2017
Now, why would Isis want to help Theresa May’s election campaign, when she is ‘strong and stable’ and Corbyn is a ‘terrorist sympathiser’?
Unless… unless…

Anonymous @ AAG: 23 May 2017 
Shamefully we Aussies were shown on TV the face (as a victim) of a young girl who was not a victim. She was safely at school. Evidence of false flagger’s most shameful acts. The poor girl will be traumatised seeing herself on TV as a victim.

‘I have no idea who stole her image or why’: Mother slams trolls who used her 12-year-old daughter’s photo in collage of ‘missing children’ after Manchester terrorist attack – despite her being safe at school in Australia

Anonymous @ AAG: 23 May 2017 
Emissary of degeneracy:
Scope for further inquiry to consider: crypto-Jewess, Sephardic variety?
Old saying: ‘shake a Spanish family tree, and a Jew falls out’.

Anonymous @ AAG: 24 May 2017 
A pertinent comment was made by Ian Fantom on Terror On The Tube website:
”Last night the national news on the British general election campaign was terrible for Therese May. In the beginning of the campaign no-one had any doubts that Therese May would be reelected as Prime Minister. She had a massive margin in the opinion polls over Jeremy Corbyn, and the mass media were constantly leading us to believe that Jeremy Corbyn would have no chance of being elected, just as they had done before he was elected as leader of the Labour Party. But recently that margin had been gradually reducing, and Therese May warned that they would only have to lose six parliamentary seats for Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister.

I should explain that the reason that Therese May had called the general election can’t be anything other than that if she hadn’t called it Jeremy Corbyn could by now be Prime Minister. On the same day the police had announced that they were to charge thirty Conservative MPs on election fraud in the previous election of 2015. If that had happened, they would have had to vacate their parliamentary seats. After declaring many times that they wouldn’t call an early election, she did just that.
(Read more)

Anonymous @ AAG: 24 May 2017 
No pictures of dead bodies, a plethora of camera phones recording the event. Several people probably security service personnel, looking as though they were helping to coordinate the stampede.

Then we have the explosion, the media are adamant it was a IED, however just like the train blast of 7/7, which were surely high end sophisticated explosives, this explosion appears to fall into that category.

Then we had the claim that ISIS or whatever the CIA is calling its attack dog this week, say that IS had claimed responsibility for the attack. I recall one event that IS claimed, was traced back all the way to Langley Virginia.

Moria Blackie @ BBC: 24 May 2017 
This is an eye opening article,on how British Gov complicate in Manchester bombing.

UK Government Harbored Terrorists Linked to Manchester Blast for Decades

Anonymous @ AAG: 25 May 2017
same sh**

butike @ AAG: 25 May 2017
Manchester police tweeted about a controlled explosion 5 hours beforehand….

SideThorn – ATTENTION Ariana Grande Fans! IMPORTANT Info About Manchester Arena Bombing!

Anonymous @ AAG: 25 May 2017
At least one secret is out: Theresa May is a self-declared transgender person. (“Je suis Juif”–a woman is “Juive”.)

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