UK Column News – 24th May 2017 – TeasMaid Puts Para Military On UK Streets

  • Joint Terror Assessment Centre – Mr Alex Thompson was not impressed with them during his time @ Mi5
  • Operation Temperer now in force but none of this has been discussed in Parliament.
  • Military Personnell will be ”helping” the police at events. Remember what happened to Charles de Menezes – 7 bullets in the head.
  • Federica Mogherini has already talked of merging the two – so we are still marching to EUSSR’s tune under TeasMaid.
  • The UK Government is breeching the Bill of Rights
  • Pat Henningsen remarked that everything seems to be in place in advance and then along comes a ”trigger event” – how sweet.
  • With The Armed Forces Deployment Bill the ToriCons are attempting a coup – To make provision for the deployment of the Armed Forces by the PM.  It is for the PM to determine if the ”emergency” condition or the security condition is met.  UK heading towards imposition of the French Style permanent ”state of emergency”.
  • Macron is working for the extension of the SofE yet again.  Cameron has locked UK into an 50 yr agreement with the French.  this is a coup.
  • The Queen will be breaking her Coronation Oath if she signs this.
  • Conservative Party candidates are being told ”You are Theresa May’s local representative” and not the representative of the constituents.
  • Crisis Cast ran the Terror Drill in Manchester leading up to 22 May 2017.
  • Peter Sutherland said we need to encourage mass migration to undermine the homogeneity of the population.
  • This election is being conducted to targeted groups and online rather in real centres where killer questions could be asked.  Running scared TeasMaid?
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