THERESA May has done an astonishing U-turn on social care after the Conservative Party’s lead over Labour in the polls has been slashed since the Tory manifesto launch. #GE2017 Part i

Big feet and stooping to hide ”her” height when next to a proper woman.

Monday’s interview with Andrew Neil was an absolute car crash. Teresa May was shallow unable to answer any questions, and showed exactly why she will not appear in any live debate. Everything was ‘I’, ‘me’ or ‘mine’, and to be honest she came over as vacuous and with no response other than her meaningless sound bites. The Tory manifesto is uncosted, and if she does lower taxes, she will have to cut government spending. Under the Tories the national debt has already more than doubled, and cutting taxes will only make it worse. She has been unable to keep her promises on cutting immigration, holding a general election and doubtless will break further promises. She has already changed the manifesto-an unprecedented event – on social care. Give Jeremy Corbyn a chance. At least he seems to have some principles Theresa May has none.

NEVER, alienate your CORE vote, with, an UNPOPULAR policy (see, ‘illiberal dumbacrats’ ‘promise’ NOT to RAISE university tuition fees). WHO, in her team, decided that her social care proposal would be deemed acceptable? They should be DISMISSED, forthwith.

This is what happens when you put a remainer in the seat of a Brexiteer. She destroyed everything which many people built. Her policies are Tory remainers polices. With the remainers policies, they are all what you see. Always telling lies and cancelling things and then at the last moment drop a bomb shell on everyone. Vote Labour and you got endless EU and another 8 countries will join in and feel the pressure. VOTE Tory remainers and it is the same old story of total lies and deception. She knows she cannot have the majority of seats in this election yet instead of backing down or canceling the election she wants to carry on because if she loses or her seats are reduced she is just as happy because Brexit will never happen. She is a remainer at heart and only with the mouth, she speaks Brexit. If Brexit does not happen then we need a new Tory party that should be called Brexit conservatives and that party may be able to do that job. This conservative party is majority pro-EU. Farage can then join Brexit conservative and the rest of us will be happy to join up with him.  Farage is part of ”the cabal” unfortunately.

I would not be surprised if she did know the answers but too scared to say them. I also see that she is to add 10 billion to the NHS on top of the 8 billion for Technology.It is a pity that it will not be used to re-open the 21 hospitals that the tories have tecently closed under NHS cost saving. Or a pay increase for NHS staff that have been pegged to 1% since 2015.

GW: My people – ”I May be wearing the shoes and skirt of a woman; but I have the legs, body, stature and demeanor of a man.”  Way back @ Park Inn Radisson someone said ……… over breakfast (censored). But it’s Maybe why the UKGP sees so little of the real persona ”in the flesh” so to speak and why May was previously known as ”the submarine.”


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