Political Timing Of Manchester Terror Attack Is Suspicious

Manchester Bombing 22 May 2017 – ”Kill Switch Diplomacy”

”The ‘deep state’ in the UK (and in the ‘West’ in general) seem to be anxious – desperate even – to maintain their control over a population that is increasingly waking up to the reality of outrageous government corruption and lies. As respect for government mouth-pieces in the mainstream media justifiably wanes, these self-styled ‘elite’ will increasingly resort to the blunt force object that is state-sanctioned terrorism to redirect the population’s attention and force them ‘back in line’.

But such brutal tactics come under the law of diminishing returns. This kind of repeated, covert physical and emotional bludgeoning of a population can only work for for so long before people start to notice the complementarity of the establishment’s push to consolidate its power over the people, and the alleged agenda of “ISIS” in bombing Western citizens into submission.”

Source: https://www.sott.net/article/351763-Political-Timing-of-Manchester-Terror-Attack-is-Suspicious


Tom74 says:
Correct. And if our mainstream media included real journalists rather than propagandists, they would be asking why Isis would apparently want to indirectly boost ‘strong and stable’ Theresa May’s election campaign instead of ‘terrorist sympathiser’ Jeremy Corbyn’s.

The reality, of course, is that it is Corbyn the deep the state criminals are terrified of, because he has the integrity to end their warmongering, and depraved terrorist acts.

Please Please Manchester Ask Pertinent Questions

”We have an election 08 June and this will help the political powers to remind us how important they are. I just heard Theresa May declare the terrorists will not prevail. What utter bullshit.

The Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham says they are extremists – what like my government that invades and kills in foreign nation states? Andy Burnham is a typical official arsehole politician”

Oh My!

Bigmoo says:
Russianvids on YouTube. Great critique and analysis. Another false flag/hoax etc. Just like Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice, Munich, Sandy Hook, Orlando et al. All contrived tripe.

How to simulate a terrorist atrocity


Mock terror attack staged at Manchester’s Trafford Centre – video


Thanks to Richmond Peace for the information.

No More Bullshit (edited)
Chris, you are right. Absolutely 100% fake. This hoax bombing has been BLOWN to bits by other channels. Changing stories, bad eyewitnesses, fake injured crisis actors, and no evidence of any bomb. No doubt the same crisis actors that took part in the 2016 drill ALSO took part in the fake bombing yesterday.

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