#GE2017 Part iv


A political master stroke – taking money off old people – scrapping triple lock – privatizing care homes – and changing the adage – ” the only certainty in life is death and taxes ” to “the only certainly in life is – ” taxes – death and taxes” .

The split personality of the Tory party is alive and well whenever Mr Hyde has a chance he pops out and does his little nasty deeds, they cannot stop him , in fact they miss him , he appeals to their base, it’s all apart of their “conviction” politics.

Maggie never went away you know, she is within the soul of the party, pushing along the narrative instilled in the party elite.

It was a Conservative who in the early 1900 fought against baths for the coal miners hovels as they “would only use it for keeping coal.” and now in the new millennium we are treated to conservative proposals on heating allowances to stop the aged freezing to death in winter.

The money is available for HS 2 and Trident and for the mass of immigrants from the EU now claiming benefits for children back home, for foreign aid to help the world’s poorest and yet not an iota of recognition of the tax payers who built the nation on which the abundant generosity to the world and interested parties are indebted.

There is something rotten in the state of Westminster.

I hope you lose more than six seats, a lot more. How dare you allow our Elderly and our Schoolchildren to be ripped off.
And this year’s Foriegn Aid bill is how much more than Ten Thousand Million Pounds?
With no accounting to know where it’s gone.
You don’t deserve to be in Parliament.

”You mean how dare a government use the assets of the elderly to pay for their care, as opposed to hand it all down to their offspring to blow … after inheritance tax”

Those elderly people have paid tax all their lives to be looked after when when they are sick and in their old age. The taxes they paid have been squandered by such things as Overseas Aid which amounts to some Ten Thousand Million Pounds per year. Just think about that figure for a moment. You are without common sense if you believe that is the right way

Many would like to care for an elderly parent but it all depends on what the parent is suffering from. Sometimes professional medical care is needed sometimes not.
I can see with May including any kind of home care which presently does not take any property assets will boost that carers allowance to figures she has never dreamed of. Many will give up full time employment to be a carer that’s taking away tax revenue to then claim an allowance it basically defeats itself as an idea.

time to change Britain, stop voting for the globalist and vote for freedom UKIP is the only ones will take us out of the corrupt EU.


”its only their offspring who would moan about not being able to blow as much inheritance as they want.”Not sure if you’re a parent or not but most want better for their kids than they had themselves. Rather than thinking greedy kids moaning how about thinking the sick will keep it hidden from family and not get the care they need.  100k is a terraced house in the cheaper areas like say the NW it’s nothing as far as property prices are concerned. May is broadening the goal posts to include as many as she can to collect from.

Social care is really health care for the elderly, we’re talking about people whose health is too bad for them to look after themselves. Making people pay for it themselves is privatising the NHS by the back door.

Were Theresa May to cut foreign aid, except for disaster assistance, I would have accepted the necessity of the steps proposed in her manifesto. Prior to seeing the manifesto, I had decided that Conservatives were the only electable party. I now realise that none of the parties are electable, and might consider writing “None of the above” on my voting slip. It appears that she does not wish to be returned to office, perhaps because of the complexities of Brexit.

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