#GE2017 Part ii


Again read the manifesto. May is going to change the Electoral Reform Act from 5 years to when the PM decides to call an election. Its in there long winded Manifesto.

free spirit
Why no mention that election observers from Uganda and Guyana will be monitoring the voting in Birmingham, due to a series of huge electoral fraud scandals. In 2005 three mo ham heads candidates were found to have run a vote rigging factory in a disused building, where illegal postal voting slips were processed. A total of eight other constituencies are also going to be monitored by delegations from Australia, Kenya, Tonga etc. What next armed guards outside the polling stations, this country is going quickly down the plug hole.

Monitors from countries where vote rigging is the norm. At least they’ll know what they are looking for!

1 of the 17,410,742
may is a remainer.

In my view, after she, and her conservative masters, get what they want on 8 June she will sell Britain and its citizens down the river to the poisonous eu.

She is NOT to be trusted!

Mark well my words

Dog bone
I have been saying that from she was ‘elected’ PM’ and all I get is abuse and down arrowed. She’s a traitor to the indigenous!

Scrap the Election and let a Brexiteer become a prime minister everything will be fine. She talks the language of Tory remainers and blew everything apart she is stupid.  With these kinds of leaders EU will 100% take over. EU needs this sort
of stupid remainers to succeed. 90% of pensioners are dirt poor and yet she is talking about the 10% of pensioners who have more than 100,000 pounds and trampling upon the rest of dirt poor pensioners and refuses to go back on that. It took some 10 percent of her vote. Then she talks crazy stuff in her manifesto and it took six percent of UKIP vote from her. That alone is around 16 percent. With her, I wondered how will Brexit happen when the seats she has now will be reduced to around 60 majority? How will she pass that through Parliament? It will be almost impossible. She herself says if she loses six seats she will not be able to pass Brexit through parliament but now she has lost far more than six seats what is she going to do? Dig in and be proud or step back, call off the election and let a Brexiteer take over and it will be Fine. A Brexiteer talks the language of a Brexiteer which is certainly not attacking pensions of the 90% dirt poor pensioners. A Brexiteer is not going to say we will lose services and that we cannot make the product ourselves and create more jobs because of making those products ourselves. This is exactly why Brexit happened. She cannot talk like that because she is a remainer and when remainers talk confusion spreads. It is now a sensible thing for her to do to call off the election and step down and let a Brexiteer lead the Tory party otherwise it may be the end. Those of you who say she will pass BREXIT I say how? In the parliament with less majority? Impossible. 6% of UKIP party has left her already and the others were pensioners from other parties. I remember speaking to over a million people in speakers corner over a year and every time I spoke I got a clapped. I was not talking her language I was talking exactly like what Farage says and sometimes things she will not even understand. The victory of Brexit was the work of ordinary hard working people and she is not one of those people she is a remainer and she has hurt her core voters and has dug in because of her pride and it wont let her go back on her manifesto. It was people like Farage and ordinary people who won the Brexit vote. She does not have those words or wisdom and that is why she lost six percent of UKIP party voters and around 10% of others. Can she repeat what people like us say? That is why her majority went down. Now let us hope that by some mirocle Brexit will pass through the parliament with less majority?

million to1

If you say ‘strong and stable’ 3 times in a mirror Theresa May will come and close down your local A&E  

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