“You lied to us”: Boris Johnson confronted by angry heckler over Brexit bus promises

Grant Curnow confronts local Tory MP Derek Thomas

As the Foreign Secretary visited St Ives on the campaign, resident Grant Curnow shouted: “You lied to us Boris, you lied about the money”

Jeremy Corbyn turns up to rallies all across the UK in a standard bus -Even uses public transport when not speaking at conventions and rallies – Whilst Boris Johnson, TMay and their ilk are chauffeur driven around in top end luxury cars we could only dream of owning – You tell me which party has the working classes and the poorest at heart

Vote Labour 8th June

Just watched the car crash interview of May with Andrew Neil. These Tories can not be trusted. She promised to cut taxes for corporations, raise taxes on the rest of us. Boris Lied about spending the money on the NHS. The only way they are making more money for the NHS is by closing hospitals. So that they can say the NHS is getting more money then ever. They want us all to have private health care, they are determined to give us a pay or die health service where some city broker will decide if your operation or his bonus is more important. Vote them out. Corbyn has a costed manifesto, where the rich will have to pay their way, free education where as May wants to take school lunches away from infant kids. Then when you die, she wants to take your home. What a disaster if we get a tory government. She will hammer every single working family up and down the country.

Totally agree. Boris Johnson should be called out every single time in all parts of the country.

The very fact that he feels he can read the questions he is going to be asked by a presenter and does it with no shame shows his supreme arrogance.

He is a national joke!

GW: Mr Curnow said something to the effect of – ”You lied about the money and you are not delivering BREXIT and now you are trying to scupper the election and give Corbyn the blame.” Spot on Mr Curnow.  My goodness the great British Public are not taken for fools lightly.

Theresa May refuses 7 times to say where her claimed £8 billion of extra NHS funding will come from


She won’t say where the money is coming from but we know she knows where it will be going to. Public funding into private pockets – any way they can!

Do you know what I am going to do tomorrow? I am going to the bookies and putting ten quid on May hem standing down before the election,she will not contest it,she will come up with some phantom illness.She is so far out of her depth it is embarrassing to watch.She will go…get down the bookies. Hmmm very Hillary indeed!

Andrew Neil gave Theresa May an easy interview and May still managed to look a shifty two faced crook.Do any tory trolls want to promote failed conservative policies

I have to say that Andrew Neil thinks he is a tough interviewer, but he clearly is not. He let Theresa May off very lightly. Why didn’t he ask her why she had cut £5.4 Billion from adult social care and £3 Billion from mental health and reduced school funding per pupil and cut by 50% coastal security border guards and cut by 30% HMRC staff who check on tax evasion and why she had cut front line police by over 20,000 .

No Andrew Neil ( who lives in France by the way ) came across as the Tories’ man, and certainly no attack dog .

David Davies.

David Davies? As in the Tory David Davies? If so, never thought i’d see you posting that.
I don’t think Andrew had to try very hard. She completely botched it. It was a car crash. It did her no favours what so ever.

If you are the Tory Davies, tell me. Is she deliberately trying to throw the election to avoid a tory civil war and the wrath of brexit voters or has someone in the party sabotaged her and hung her out to dry? Because it certainly looks like one or the other and I immediately suspected her of trying to throw it the minute she called the election and made it about brexit.

This interview was so bad I had to keep reminding myself that this woman is the prime minister of the UK, she is totally incapable of answering a straight question.
She has called an election without being in anway prepared for it just arrogantly and mistakingly believing that Labour were weak under Jeremy Corbyn, but as others have discovered, his leadership qualities shouldn’t be underestimated.

Does anybody really believe that the NHS, social care, education, the armed forces, the economy, the prison service, housing, immigration etc. etc. are in safe hands with her, and does anybody really want her weak and wobbly hands on the nuclear button?

someone needs to ask her about the care costs being classed as a loan and interest will be added to it as well, so how much will that bump up the care costs that are deducted when the house is sold


”if you think i’m going to vote in an IRA SYMPATHISER Corbyn to run this country not a chance”
The tories have a MP in croydon who was actually in the IRA and welcomed the killing of british soldiers this is FACT yours is nonsense

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