General election 2017: Quarter of a million under-25s register to vote in one day

Rest in Peace Tories. Labour/Liberals have won this.

Let’s not be complacent though, this is an uphill battle and every single vote counts!
(Although I wouldn’t class myself as a liberal as that’s a very broad term)
but yes, the centre left (proper left, not fake left) are hopefully making a come back after the authoritarian far right tories have ruined the country.

Whether we’re in the EU or not,
I believe Corbyn will do everything in his power to protect the common person/worker.
I want an honest politician who cares,
not a smooth talking corporate saleswoman like Mad May who was involved in giving us the bloody Snooper’s Charter (investigative powers bill….George Orwell predicted such a totalitarian nightmare and we’re living in it until we vote out the Tories).

true, look at that

I SaidTheSparrow
Do take a look at John Crace’s column in the Guardian. Razor sharp and very funny.

Crazy Hippie
Strong and stable?

* Cap on social care (the dementia tax) hastily dropped within 72 hours
* No snap general election (repeated seven times as PM)
* Workers on boards. Immediately watered down after howls of rage from UK businesses.
* Foreign Worker lists . Abandoned after one day
* As a cabinet member under Cameron she called Miliband’s energy price cap “Marxism”. It’s now (for now) a central plank of her manifesto.
* Child refugees. She promised to take 3000, but closed the UK’s doors at just 350.
* Immigration “reduced to the tens of thousands” she says. Under her watch it increased to record levels.

It’s not that she’s a liar. as much as she’s incompetent.

DO NOT allow this terrorist atrocity to take the heat off Team Theresa May. We must keep up the pressure on her to attempt to force her to tell the truth, in a more forceful way than Andrew Niel did last night, I will be interested to see whether he will be as gentle when dealing with Corbyn…?

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