Al-Qaeda = “The Base”.

Al-Qaeda = “The Base”. Al-Qaeda is Wahhabism. Wahhabism = Babylonian Talmudist (Zionism) masquerading as Islam = Talmudism = False Judaism

Who created Wahhabism?

The British in 1700s

The British helped to install House of Saud as ruling family of KSA. Al-Qaeda (“The Base”) was and is Wahhabism, as is ISIS

Ever wonder why Israel never worries about Saudi Arabia and doesn’t raise an eyebrow at ISIS? Bc yeah…ISIS is run by Mossad, M16 and CIA

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2 Responses to Al-Qaeda = “The Base”.

  1. A little bit more of an explanation, with additional details and/or information, would’ve been nice. However, to put it in a nut shell, you are correct. 88!!

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