Manchester Announcer: ”Ladies & Gentlemen Take Your Time Exiting The Building…..”

Thanks to AanGirfan for the link
Kirks 71
At 2230 sky news did the Paper review……..Theresa May was all over front page and Sky news reported that there is a £ 700 billion deficit for NHS England. The Tories banned the NHS from releasing their report ( which they do at the end of May every year) using purdah laws saying that it was politically sensitive. Lo and behold Theresa May is no longer on the front page’s second edition. Is she hoping we all get dementia during the next 7 days that this story is surely to roll for??? So that we all forget her failings and her polling stops going on a downward spiral??

No More Bullshit
I think you meant £700 million, but hell i wouldn’t doubt if there is a £700 billion deficit

Kish Jugo5
Whatever parent takes their child to an ariana grande concert is about as good as a pedophile.

charlie chan
the old “got their pants blown off” routine again ? geesh, old tom & jerry cartoons were more believable.


William Zabe
Definitely fake considering that some people were just standing there watching people running. And did anyone see the girl who walks backwards into the frame twice and then move forwards? Can’t believe the governments of the world are still doing this crap.

offwiththefairies77 (edited)
@10secs THOSE are the pictures that made me stop and think. Read a comment earlier from someone who said they were in Manchester and KNEW it was fake. islam is a big problem, and should be banned in the west, but tptb want us to beg them for more security/intrusion/enslavement for us all. Getting islam out should not mean us changing the way we live our lives forever.

Grandpa’s Garage
I agree this is all fake news..Something big is coming..skynet is up and running for one year..holograms will be everywhere in the sky, on the streets and even inside dwellings. do not believe what we see and hear, only rely on our senses of intuition. sky is a hologram, sun is blocked and invisible weaponized nano particles sprayed from sgips

Nanosized aluminum being sprayed in the atmosphere, causing degenerative disease, says neurosurgeon

control all air on earth. millions of planes and noises are fake. AWAKEN HUMANS from the mind control, love Jesus, be free and become a warrior fo4 Christ. our battle is now, pray for our sound field of energy to be restored. We have superpowers!!! all of us are one in love, go humans! Blessings to our brothers and sisters.  What is a gip?    Typo?  Ship?

Aaron Lawford
The timing is bizarre to me. I assume terrorist want to kill as many as they could. He could’ve killed hundreds if he explode it during the concert but chose to wait until the end and only killed 19 out of 20000+.

CutLoose Cara (edited)
Then there this video some dude took and the audio says it all:
Yet another staged event.

Veronika Goldberg (edited)
30 foot, 30 people, 30 feet, 30 liars, 30 balloons, 30 year old scouser superman, flies 30 ft through the air! 30 shoes off feet.

The Guardian
Ariana Grande just got finished singing “Bang Bang all Over You”…lmao

GW: There is a black hoax ribbon on the UTube site this vid sits on

Josh Smith
Just like the Orlando Hoax “People thought it was the sound speaker”…do these people ever do anything new. Ariana Grande = Grand Arian…wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a racial psychological operation.

Jupiter rising (edited)
It was the 30ft thrown through the air by the explosion thing and then going through a set of doors, that did for me. Come on, and he is still standing around and talking quite cohesively giving some type of logical description of events, I can tell you for a fact, being thrown 30ft and through doors as well the shock on the nervous system, and the physical injuries, blown ear drums at least, he would not be standing, he would be at best in a hospital bed. 1000s of WW1 and WW2 solders were killed from blasts that only had thrown then 10ft NOT 30ft. My own Father’s WW2 D day ended after shell shock ( shock wave from the blast) same thing, from a 60lb bomb which fell about 30 to 40 or so yards away the night before D day. That did for him for the rest of the WAR! And it only knocked him back 5 or 8ft so he told me, NOT 30FT and through doors too. HAHA.


Supposed Perpetrator = = 203 (JG) = Demonic Code amongst other things.

Meaning: Abidi: Abidi or Abedi (Arabic: عابدي‎) is the surname for a family belonging to the offsprings of Muhammad’s great-grandson Imam Zain-ul-Abideen

”Acting Strangely and chanting Arabic in the street” said the neighbour.  Some poor chap who was targeted by the ”services” and MK’ed.

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