Why Is NHS Stuck On Windows XP?

ITV’s ”Good Morning Britain” failed to grill Jeremy Hunt over the NHS cyber attack.

From the look of him J Hunt has been up for days single handedly writing the ToriCon Manifesto!


I got a message from Norton saying don’t worry about the latest malware attack, they had the threat covered. Why then do all these big organisations not have the same level of protection? Why is the NHS still using Windows XP? If I can ask these questions why can the collective might of the BBC not come up with a few questions?

Taleah Prince
Some areas of the NHS are still using XP because the legacy software they run machinery with – was coded specifically for XP. Latest Windows editions will render the code and thus the machines unworkable. Machines such as BMS systems, radiography etc. IT’s not so easy to just hop to different operating systems without software providers updating their code too. Often many have gone out of business – or lost the skill set. Is this a sufficient answer?

”Taleah @ Daily Express” steps in for Jeremy Hunt, to answer the question as to ”Why NHS is still using Windows XP”

Maybe this is a reason for having a specialised IT Service for NHS ”in-house” then.

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