Tory Manifesto in a Nutshell

Clickety Clickety Click Click,  And how did you get it out in the end Gideon?  Well GW, first a bit of Vanish Soap Bar; then a bit of a soak; and finally into the Bosch @ 40 degrees with a 1000 rpm, and Ethrelda’s our Great Aunt GW.  

More Russian Caravan NLAT?  It’s lovely that you have been able to stay over.  Your shirt and trousers should be dry by tomorrow won’t they Gideon?  I should think so GW.

Now what was that you were saying earlier NLAT?

NLAT:  Tory Manifesto in a nutshell GW …

– Force you to use your house equity to pay for social care, and a year off work unpaid
– Increase VAT
– Remove Triple Lock on pensions
– Scrap free school meals
– Kill foxes
– Remove winter fuel payments
– Disenfranchise 7.5% of the electorate
Why would anybody vote for this?…/conservative-manifesto-gener…

Can you get that Gideon please? Right away GW. Slip Slap Slip Slap. Hello. Mumble Mumble Mumble. Click. Slip Slap Slip Slap Slip Slap. Who was it Gideon? Well it was Labour Left GW. And …. Well they have also read the TC Manifesto and they said not to forget

”The Dementia Tax on the elderly” &

”Cutting Corp Tax to 17 percent.”

Anybody voting for this crap?

GW:  Nope.  Gideon?  Nope.  Ginger Puss?  Was that a tail flick?  Guess that was a No.  You will need to show your passport NEXT TIME Ginger – or you won’t be counted!  What about Agnus?  Good Grief Agnus would never agree with any of that!  And Gerald?  Well Gerald’s probably just about getting over his Heart Arrhythmia after having readi it.  And what about you Chester?  Woof!  So that’s a ”No” is it Chester?  BTW Is Chester still a member of The Radical Dogs Alliance?  Well, yes,  although he almost let his membership lapse last year.  Oh.


8 more surprises buried in the small print of the Tory election manifesto

1. You’re going to need ID to vote
2. The Vote Leave bus pledge is officially not happening
3. They’ve left the door open to more welfare cuts
4. Remember all those civil service jobs David Cameron moved to London? They’re moving out again
5. The Commitment to halve the disability employment gap has been scrapped
6. There might be a hard border with Northern Ireland after all
7. The Immigration health surcharge is going to TRIPLE
8. They’re going to ‘modernise’ the voting system by making it less fair

Vicki, explain to me how a strong leader is not willing to show the courage of their convictions in a live TV debate? Why they have carefully choreographed visits where workers are not allowed to speak to her and local journalists are locked in a room? What is “strong” about that?

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