Jarad Kushner??? He certainly seems to be a one man band/genius/workaholic/prodigy and yet so young? Where did he get all that experience from so quick?

Watchman of the Harvest

Published on Apr 18, 2017
* I am not quite ready to jump on the Kushner is the Antichrist wagon yet? But i will admit he is deeply aligned in all the right networks of people. With close ties to the Rothchilds, Zionists, and global elite he is certainly a person of interest. Like his father in law, nobody gets to where he is unless they are owned by these groups. Often i think when this new Antichrist candidate agenda is pushed forward they are simply keeping our attention away from someone else better suited for that position. Either way when the Antichrist arrives on scene everyone will know, or at least those who are awake and seeking out these things. Until then i’ll wait & watch. Pray for one another, and lift each other up in prayer to GOD daily. ((((GOD bless)))) 444

Channels used in this video
Jason A
There is Something Very Strange about This Man! (2017-2018)

Things Are Really Getting Bizarre!

Should Jared Kushner be fired – Soros gave Kushner brothers $259M credit line

The Devil’s In The Details (Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump) -2017-

The Beast Out of the Earth : Jared Kushner

CBS This Morning
Jared Kushner travels to Iraq

Democracy Now!
Is Jared Kushner Breaking the Law with $400M Real Estate Deal with Firm Tied to Chinese Gov’t?

The Christian Truther
The Hidden Hand Behind Donald Trump – Jared Kushner and The Deep State Revealed

Mossad Agent Jared Kushner and Deadly US Missile Strike on Syria

Matthew North
Donald Trump & Jared Kushner Exposed | Goldman Sachs Hires | Continuing The PNAC Zionist Puppet

Time To Repent
To Fear The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

Prophets Among Us

OTG Ministry
End of the World – End Times Signs – Must Watch

Time To Repent
His Precious Blood (Pastor Charles Lawson)

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