GP Louise Irvine: ‘Jeremy Hunt has not been a good steward of the NHS’

‘She has beaten Jeremy Hunt in the courts but Dr Louise Irvine is now determined to unseat the health secretary at the ballot box. Irvine, who is standing for the National Health Action party , is giving it her best shot. “All change is possible,” she insists. “You owe it to people to fight to win.”

The 59-year-old GP first clashed with Hunt in 2013 as chair of the successful campaign to stop casualty and maternity unit service closures at Lewisham Hospital in south-east London. She then stood against him at the 2015 general election but garnered just 8.5% of votes, coming fourth in the constituency of South West Surrey, behind Labour and ahead of the Liberal Democrats.”

”This time, Irvine has the backing of a cross-party group of local activists who selected her as the progressive alliance candidate as a tactic to increase the chance of ousting Hunt. To this end local Green, Liberal Democrat and Labour party members have offered to campaign on her behalf – a move that prompted the Labour party to expel three of its members last week. The Labour, Lib Dems and Ukip national parties are all fielding candidates.”

A ”steward of the NHS,” that takes the biscuit! Hunt is on a deliberate mission to undermine the NHS. The ultimate tory goal is to destroy it and open it up for the corporate wolves to devour. The tories hate the very existence of the NHS, it goes against all their principles and dogma.They cannot stand the thought of millions of people getting something for nothing where there could be a huge profit to be made by their friends.

Fred Bloggs – > jdubs8
Jeremy Hunt – Health Secretary

Received £32,920 from hedge fund baron Andrew Law, a major investor in healthcare firms.

Monkey biz – > irreverentnurse
No he has a very good idea – clearly stated with Oliver Letwin, DC’s advisor – on how to dismantle the NHs and replace with a private insurance funded series of market-based competitive private providers. The internal market of Bliar was a first step in this direction, but the H&SC Act was the one that really opened the flood gates. No top down reorganization of the NHS, eh Dave? Tories=liars. ABC.

Good on this Dr and those who support her.

I’d love to see her tie Hunt in knots. The man is a pillock and won’t have answers to someone who knows what they’re talking about from long experience in the NHS.

teacup rider – > Neddy69
There is no doubt he is not her intellectual equal. So don’t vote for him.

This sums up the Tories, Hunt,and the rest !

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