68 per cent of Britain now wanted to get on with Brexit, and support for Remain had collapsed to 22 per cent but no-one told the BBC


I think the BBC’s intention is to go on moaning about Brexit long after it has happened and everyone else is getting benefit from it. Perhaps the BBC would like to join its fellow Remoaners in Brussels. Let them take all their staff. Urge them to take Gina Miller and Tony Blair too. The EU can fund them and we can abolish the licence fee

Big Les – > Politically__Incorrect •
Absolutely. And there’s space on that bus for Eddie Izzard, Gob(shite) Geldof, Richard Branson, Russell Brand, Peter Mandelslime, Peter Hain, Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry and Lady Nugee.

hobspawn – > Big Les •
Don’t forget James O’Brien. Actually, even Molenbeek is too good for him. Dogger Bank perhaps.

The BBC are mouth pieces for the establishment. Their masters are vested interests and that is why they continually talk about ‘big business’. This is the same ‘big business’ which was considered ‘too big to fail’ and has been consolidating and merging since the crash and now is ‘too bigger to fail’.

It should be obvious that there isn’t any ‘news’ on state and corporate media outlets, even the entertainment is channeling the minds of the viewer. There is no point in being surprised that this is the state of play: the Soviet Russan people eventually stopped bothering to listen to their state broadcasters. The only difference is that private business controls the narrative instead of a group of communist bureaucrats we have to suffer fascist corporations.

Britains vote to depart from the EU ( and let’s be clear it hasn’t happened yet and I have my doubts it will) was a blow to the fascist globalists who want open borders, a single currency and a world government. They want to control every aspect of our lives and remove any risk from there own. The EU is a corpocratic idea which did away with individual governments who wanted specific negotiated agreements, they need an open goal and are trying to remove the defenders. They call it ‘free market’ and capitalism; it is anything but.

There is therefore no way that the BBC-a state funded organ-is going to be giving anything other than carefully crafted propaganda that does everything to persuade people to keep the goal mouth free. This is the mechanism they have used instead of adopting blanket violence they prefer the more effective manipulation of the media. However, we occasionally see the veil fall and we are given direct threats of harsh tax increases and ‘made to go to the back of the line’ (isn’t this what we learned in school- those who flouted authority would be sent to the back of the q or get a fine ?).

Well if there was any doubt about BBC bias then it was crystal clear this morning the same story I read earlier headlined as “lowest unemployment” is now http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/b… “UK wage growth lags inflation ….” To make it clear the morning report on the lowest employment rate isn’t just lower down the list it has been changed for the “wage growth” story. If I’d thought they’d do such a thing I’d have taken a “screen shot” of the original.

So the good news ” The UK unemployment rate has fallen to 4.6%, its lowest in 42 years

” now relegated to a line in the above report.
I don’t have any links to the Tory Party but surely somebody should rattle the Beebs cage about such a blatant burying of good economic news?
Its just so obvious I’m actually astonished.

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