VictoryOftheLight twitter – Part ii

dahbou (edited)
The account is tweeting now: Tweets posted tonight from oldest to newest:

Truth of the matter is that both Saddam and Kuwait were in on this. Alas, invasion of Kuwait was not a big enough reason for US to maintain permanent US presence in Middle East. Iraq War I was a “test run” to see if the Stargate was real. They found out it was.

Hence why the fraudulent $240 billion in securities were created in September 1991. Bush, CIA and coconspirators $ to bankrupt USSR and get them off the chess board. Putin, being ex KGB, knew this … hence why he gave all oligarchs the boot when elected in 1999.

Oligarchs were Zionists who Bush & CIA allowed to take over USSR industry for pro west interests. This is also why Putin didn’t bring Russia into Iraq in 2003. Putin had a good idea of the games being played. Anywho, 9/11 happens and the false flag evidence we provided is what got Comey fired. He’s been covering everyone’s asses for years. So the US goes into Afghanistan under false pretense and uses it as a base of operations in the same way the USSR did.

Dr. Michael Salla, in 2003, flat out made the case that preemptive war in Iraq was over a Stargate.  Here is his paper (2003) on the matter.

Dig around and you’ll find Internet forums as early as 2003 claiming this

Massive Vortex opens in Gulf of Aden in 2000

This is why Chelsea Manning leaked the Iraq War Logs in 2010

We built the Green Zone around the Ancient Babylonian temple which housed the Stargate. Chelsea Manning knew this and sacrificed her freedom to make the truth known. “Stargate Squads” patrolled the temple and the Green Zone.

dahbou (edited)
For those who can’t access the tweets, here are the latest, continuing from above:

There were also “Draco Squads”

This is why Kissinger’s butt was in the WH Wednesday morning. We called him out for his longtime knowledge of Draco and Stargates

Fact of the matter is, Hitler and The Third Reich were in contact and working with two ETI races Draco and The Nordics (Pleiadians)

Long story short as to how I know that? My family was very integral to founding of OSS in WWII  And this man speaks the truth.

So let me leave you with where we started. How could Barbara Marciniak have known, in 1995, that there was a portal and Draco Base

In the Middle East and that it would soon be the focal point of war? Al-Qaeda = “The Base”. Al-Qaeda is Wahhabism.

Wahhabism = Babylonian Talmudism masquerading as Islam = Talmudism = False Judaism

Who created Wahhabism?
The British.
Who created Israel?
The British at the request of the Rothschilds.
When did the Rothschilds come into power?
Shortly after the Celestial Event over Nuremberg in 1561.
Where is Mystery Babylon?
Because it is the city which quietly controls all the world with that which is the root of all evil: $$$$

dahbou (edited)
The last tweets for the night of 5/14/17:

Which means that your Mystery Whore of Babylon is...well who does this look like?
[image of Babylon, the Prostitute on the Beast]

We called out Her Majesty and Phillip on this last weekend. Phillip abruptly stepped down from public life less than 12 hours later.

We called out Comey and Kissinger to @realDonaldTrump, @KremlinRussia_E and @MedvedevRussiaE. Comey was out by dinner and Kissinger was in WH the next morning to everyone’s surprise.

So who am I and who are we? Call me John The Evangelist and the others the 144,000

Like I said…you’ve never been alone. And we all started “waking up” in 2015. Spirit of the Word was never supposed to be an institution.

More on that tomorrow, but I think I’ve done enough to leave most of your jaws on the floor. 👍

So look at that. Not only did you get all but unequivocal proof of Stargates existing, but we were able to incorporate the reasons behind nearly 40 years of warfare, the truth of 9/11, the real reason for PGate + child / human sacrifice, and show you how literal evil incarnate has run this world since 1561.

You’ll still be hearing from us. But know this, it’s on humanity’s shoulders to stand up and fight back

That’s it for tonight.

“Do not overthink what I’ve said, just know you must be reborn in Spirit.”


Oh how could I forget! Planet X / Nibiru? That’s why the Cabal/Illuminati/Talmudists want the portal. There are Draco/Human and Draco/Grey hybrids among you. The Greada Treaty signed by Eisenhower in 1952 was a ruse. Dracos are the “Leaping Serpents” which the Ancient Egyptians spoke of. Every time Planet X / Nibiru comes around, they use the portals to “leap down” onto Earth. This is the prophecy of Sept 23 2017

But you can change that if you remember free will and fight back.

1.) Do not listen to Steve Greer.

2.) CNN was awful at filtering iReport submissions and this is still there. Very valuable.

S1 (edited)
Another fun tweet from victory o light.
victoryofthelight‏ @KibBitzLaw 14m14 minutes ago
Stratfor has always known what’s up. After all, they did help execute false flag on 9/11

paul delcristoforo
Watch this.

Sickened Steve
So this is weird only because I believe Hollywood is a major factor in deception and leaking truths. In google images when you drag in the image for victorofthelight a star wars link comes up with symbols from the movies. It seems to be exact to the Jedi Resistance and the evil empire seems to be black sun imagery. A series as iconic as Star Wars leads me to believe this is more true than fake IMO

Ed look at COBRA victory of the light they are connected to this account

“Victory of the Light” is most commonly used by the underground Resistance Movement. The main representative goes by the pseudonym ‘COBRA’:

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