Tory Philip Hammond skewered in BBC interview as he gets his figures in a major muddle

How embarassing that the Chancellor that can’t count and can’t get his own economic policies accepted in his own budget then criticises Labour for a supposed black hole equivalent to Tories spending plans!

The hypocrisy of the Tory party.

Don’t worry folks – George Osborne was useless at sums as well…

Mad Maggie mark 2 Mayhem looked daggers at Hammond. He’ll have to get his hand into the knife drawer before she does. Oh and don’t forget Boris he’ll strike on 9 June when she (win or lose) resigns. Yep you heard me right I predict that all she arranged this barmy snap election for, was to make it her get out of jail card. The jail I am referring to is being the most incompetent PM EVER, trying to sort out the cat fights amongst her MP’s some of which will be starting straight after the election, and her total incompetence and cluelessness about brexit. Yep come 9 June she will be handing the poisoned chalice to, god forbid, Boris or, I sincerely hope, Corbyn. So that’s why I am voting for Corbyn.

Tory ‘spreadsheet’ Philip Hammond gives robotic answer to struggling nurse and mum ‘living in fear’

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