The Greatest Miracle in Living Memory

Peakay Truth

Published on May 13, 2017
Mirrored from channel Smoke’n Mirrors…

This is without doubt the greatest miracle in living memory.
You may find this very hard to believe and you are right because it is TOTAL BULLSHIT just like a car supposedly going down the pavement along Bourke St. killing people on 20th January 2017. We have never seen any footage of such and never will because it NEVER Happened.

Thrown 150 Metres along Bourke Street and the tot survived without a scratch?

Mario Augustus
The duping delight on this asian gold digger drives me nuts lol

Aunty Farma
152 meters = 492 feet = 164 yards ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? That dog catching the Frisbee WAS amazing though(enjoyed the song)

Martha Hanley
+Docter Carver ”All right ANOTHER great avatar and you were able to get the name too! So far I’ve seen Chris Hurst pic and that goofy grinning fake cop from Orlando Pulse. There was a Robbie Parker avatar, but haven’t seen that one in a bit. Disappeared int the WPP or back to his spook job.”

I think the greatest miracle of all is the incredible Orlando victim Norman Casiano-Mojica.  He took four .223 rounds to the back at close range, He only needed a bandaid and a few hundred thousand dollars to make him whole again. He walked out of what I call the “Miracle Center”… Orlando regional medical centre. Please... if you or a loved one is laying in the ICU with tubes coming out of every part of the body, travel to Orlando. They work miracles.  Just ask Norm.  Orlando is the place where all your serious medical issues go away.

 Yolanda Whittle
Almost as good as the Cassidy “Wolverine” Stay HOax! Watched all 7 of her family members die, then she comes out with a band-aid on her finger that deflected the 44 mag that would have went clear thru her head like a Watermellon at a chunking contest! Went from the ICU then out and giving speeches out Dumbledore and waving like a prom queen in 48 hours! That’s one tough teen chick! Even better! That finger that the MSM claimed she lost the tip off, it not only deflects bullets but it grows back! Yep! A year later, she was out and about pushing her happy day moments, and her finger was back without a scratch!

I do not know what happened to my previous comment… But in a nutshell, a 20kg child cannot be propelled as a projectile some 500 feet after being hit by an automobile traveling at most 50kph… It defies the laws of Physics….

Dyl Brody
She has a broken neck and bleeding on the brain but she is “unscathed “.! Someone buy that stupid diva a dictionary.

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