Cracks Starting to Appear In That ToriCon ”Strong & Stable” Wall

Theresa May refuses to say she won’t sack Philip Hammond as Chancellor after the election

It’s worry.
He knows the reality.
Wake up, Uk.

Think about it. Dare you.

That will be because the right wing Tory puppet masters, along with their mouthpieces at the Mail and Murdoch courts, haven’t yet given May her instructions.

GW:  One wonders if tptwtb intend to throw Hammond & May ”under the bus” without telling them – like those same ”puppet masters” in the US did to Killary Clinton when she became too toxic.

‘Take back control’? Do the Tories think we’re idiots? They created this mess

greg churchill – >  redcannonball 

Lose your pension, lose your NHS, lose social care for your folks and education for your kids. Don’t fund armed forces or police. Prop up dictators with arms sales and hide the evidence. Further hurt and depress disabled people with back to work initiatives. Let the poor work 40 hour wks and still have to use foodbanks. Don’t build housing for poorer people, sell off council houses. Get stuck in the poverty trap with zero hour contracts or get vilified when looking for work.

‘This is conscious cruelty’ (ken loach, director of I Daniel Blake.

This is the conservatives

Or con/lib dems

But hey, let’s focus on Corbyn. He would obviously continue to push all these policies through. With his record of voting for and standing on the picket line for human rights and socially progressive policies. He’s obviously all ego and power mad. It’s hilarious the attempts by some labour plp, Portland comms, Tory hq with lynton and today’s mainstream media.

LSE studies show 74% of all mainstream media either mis report on Corbyns labour policies or attack his character with factless statements. I would say comment sections slightly higher in that percentage.

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