Watford man Muzaffer Ali accused of smuggling weapons and ammunition into the country

”A Watford man is said to have been part of an organised crime gang that was behind a gun smuggling racket to bring weapons and ammunition from Europe into the UK, a jury heard.

Self loading pistols and a sub machine gun, along with ammunition, were smuggled into the country destined for other criminals, it was claimed.

Leading the Luton gang was Muzaffer Ali, described as ”security conscious” who, in a four month period, used 18 different mobile phone numbers to hide his tracks, said prosecutor David Herbert QC.”

‘His driver for one of two trips he made to Amsterdam to organise an illegal shipment is said to have been Yasser Majid, 23 from Gammons Lane in Watford.

A jury at St Albans Crown Court was yesterday told Mr Ali and his gang had shipped four self loading pistols and a sub machine gun and ammunition into the country having brought them in Amsterdam.

The weapons are said to have been taken to Luton before transferred to the gang’s “customers” – another crime gang based in Leicester.

Eight men have gone on trial accused of being part of a smuggling operation.” http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/15288382.Watford_man_accused_of_smuggling weapons_and_ammunition into_the_country/

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