Theresa May & Tim Farron In 1992 – Will History Repeat Itself?

George Oliver

History repeating? Let’s beat them this time as well!

Pic from the North West Durham seat at the 1992 General Election.

The election was decisively won by the Labour candidate, Mrs Armstrong, who beat May into second place by nearly 14,000 votes (a 3.4% swing to Labour). Farron finished third.

Take note of the line about Tim Farron: “At the age of 11, he had won a seat on the school council by putting up his friend to split the opposition vote, adding: “I’ve always been a devious bugger.”” – Ain’t that the bloody truth!

When Theresa May met Tim Farron at the 1992 election

GW:  Well just look at that Terrie May Photo.  They could be twins.  Hey Hey ”The Boys are back in Town”.

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