New Yorker Magazine Publishes Fawning Interview With Tony Blair

”From the outset, interviewer Sam Knight, a Guardian and New Yorker contributor, is gushing about his first encounter with Blair at the former PM’s Grosvenor HQ in London.”

ian @ TAP says:
A million marched against the war, so the back room boys bombed London civilians on 7/7 to garner a bit of support, then murdered a Brazilian electrician who’d seen the bombs that they’d planted. Chief constable Iain Blair said on TV that yes their was chaos, but that they’d bring order out of chaos, (Ordo Ab Chao) give that man a knighthood. They murdered David Kelly because he knew they were lying, then set up Scott Ritter as a paedophile for the same reason. The fact that the little bastard Bliar isn’t swinging from a lamp post, and is indeed talking of returning, is testimony to the fact that hypocrisy deceit and lies are all part of our much loved fair and decent democracy.

GW:  Goodness.  Well said Ian!

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