Members of the Press: Just tell ”Them” it Is something to do with ”Terrorism” – Don’t tell them ”The Truth” now or you won’t get paid.

Sam’s Day At Court – Part 2


Published on May 31, 2013
I spent the day at Westminster Magistrates Court hanging out with the Police, the BBC and Sky News. They were gathered to witness the prosecution of the highest value knife crime the corporate security services have ever seen.

Delphinium Flower (edited)
The Woolwich attack WAS a charade, and so is anti-terrorism, as well as is terrorism itself. It’s all a charade.

haha journalist, “its my job to tell people whats going on and I report the facts that I know.” so whats his excuse for not having a clue whats going on and just reporting what the police, govt briefings told him were facts ?

Also of Interest

Mi5 – Interesting ” Before, it was a hotel ” … Inns of Court, Society of Crossed Keys (symbol so like the Vatican Keys) … the film Grand Budapest Hotel alludes to this. Makes sense that hotel networks be used for intel work.

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