Labour climbs to highest poll rating since start of election campaign

”Any surge in support for the Liberal Democrats has yet to materialise. Tim Farron’s party has consistently remained at around 10 per cent in the polls, down to 8 per cent.

 Polls by Opinium and ORB.”

At the end of their last term of mismanagement Labour were borrowing £3 billion a week just to keep their policies active. Even if they had been returned to power in 2010 this could not have continued and they would have been forced by our creditors to put in place many of the austerities they now castigate the Tories for. When it comes to voting there is only one question for people to ask themselves before they decide how to choose and it is as follows. If since 2000 the L-r Party had been continuously in power do they think they would be substantially better or worse off now? If the answer to that question is ‘No’ then there is surely no reason to tempt fate and give them power over us again. There could be a question number two. Do people believe that the Farronites manic opposition to Brexit is founded on a belief that Brits will be better off by staying in the EU or is it more to do with the unelected power that small parties enjoy by association with their similar in the EU?

The economy was just starting to recover in 2010 .

Because we had hit the biggest financial crisis in history. In 2008 Debt to GDP was 45%, historically this is a low-level of debt. Stop lying about the situation.

What’s the debt mountain now after 7 years of Tory mis-rule? Oh yeah, greater than at any other time in history and worse still, greater than all previous administrations combined moving ever closer to £2 trillion. Where has that money gone ‘friend’. But no international banking crisis to explain such a position, yet this our reality.

cakes & ale
Steady progress from Labour, JC is beginning to cut through with the voters. I still believe that this election will break for Labour in the last two weeks, 35% would mean a hung parliament and the SNP will never prop up the Tories. It can happen and here’s how:
May is personally popular but she is not impregnable, her greatest weakness is her cabinet, its clear she trusts no one except Fallon and Ruth Davidson, Labour need to exploit that and target weak links like Hammond, BoJo the Clown and especially the Cunning Hunt.

It’s time for McDonnell to play bad cop methinks; weaponise the cyber attack, blame the Health Secretary personally (politics was never meant to be fair) its his fault that the NHS is using computers that are older than some of our nurses, nurses how are having to use food banks! Shameful.

I also think that JC should do as many leaders debates and TV appearances as he possibly can, whether May is there or not, people need to see the man and not the caricature that the Tory press portrays.  Social media also has a role to play, the first priority should be to get young people registered to vote before the deadline.
The tide is turning.

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