Ofsted inspectors pelted with food and jostled in corridors on nightmare school visit to Willenhall E-ACT Academy

The damning report found that one-third of pupils in Years 7 to 11 are “persistently absent” CREDIT: AARON CHOWN / SWNS.COM


See previous article about E-ACT from 2014

Wiki E-ACT Background:

”Until 2009 the Chief Executive of the Trust was Ian Comfort, who left his post alleging whistleblowing concerns, whilst the trust claimed “poor performance” issues.[4] In March 2013 an audit by the UK Department for Education concluded that “boundaries between E-ACT and its subsidiary, E-ACT Enterprises Ltd (EEL) are blurred” (page 3), “activities undertaken by the subsidiary have been paid for with public funds and so appear irregular” (page 3), and “there has been a flow of public monies into EEL that cannot be said to directly benefit teaching and learning in E-ACT academies” (pages 12–13).[5]”

Sir Bruce Liddington, E-Act’s director general, earned £280,000 in salary, pensions contributions and bonuses. Photograph: Frank Baron for the Guardian

A 2011 Guardian article reported that in 2010 its director-general Sir Bruce Liddington had a salary package of £280,017.[1] Sir Bruce Liddington resigned in 2013 after E-ACT received an official warning from the government regarding “financial mismanagement”.[6] The investigation report into E-ACT found that internal financial control were weak, there was a culture of extravagant expenses, governance procedures were unusual, and that payments were made to trustees in a manner unusual for the charitable sector.[7]

MikeRichards @Guardian 14 Nov 2011 
So the public sector shouldn’t pay anyone more than the Prime Minister, but the Tories’ pet idea which is only made possible by public funding, can pay anything they wish?

There’s something about this that’s not quite adding up.

bodders78 @Guardian 14 Nov 2011
And this is why the tories just love to privatise.

Their buddies could not even dream of such a healthy package from the public sector. However, once you’ve privatised you can take the almighty day-in day-out and anyone who complains can get stuffed.

Now, just imagine what the NHS management replacement will be taking home. It beggars belief that this can still go on and…..I feel quite ill just thinking about it (Ahhhh, maybe that’s part of the post NHS reform work creation scheme…crafty bastards).

We’re all in it together eh, Dave?

E-ACT was registered as a charity in 2008 but is now shown by the Charity Commission as an “Exempt charity”, removed from its register in 2011.[8]

In 2014, the Department for Education removed E-ACT as sponsor from 10 academies after Ofsted inspectors raised serious concerns,[2] noting extravagant spending on expenses and £393,000 of spending with “procedural irregularities” including on unapproved consultancy fees.[9]

E-ACT Enterprises LTD was dissolved shortly after Sir Bruce Liddington’s departure. In addition, E-ACT has made considerable changes to its previous administration practices (including reducing back office costs by 73%) as audited in its public accounts and the Salary of its new CEO has reduced significantly.[10]

In January 2016 E-ACT announced that it would abolish local governing bodies for its schools and replace them with centrally appointed advisory bodies.[11]”

GW:  Trouble in 2009 and the DfE is STILL letting E-ACT run Academies in 2017!

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