NHS cyber attack: Jeremy Hunt ignored repeated warnings over system vulnerability

CyberWars – Jeremy’s Got His ”Crash Helmet” On


BB BB 14 May 2017
An example of Strong & Stable Leadership by the Tories for you. Funny then there are billions available to effect a top down reorganisation whose outcome is perennial organisational chaos but no money for IT.

Grace McEntee 14 May 2017
The Secretary of State for Health has overall responsibility:

for the business and policies of the department, including financial control
oversight of all NHS delivery and performance (oversight, definition: the action of overseeing something.)

Ultimate responsibility for this disaster sits on the head of the person at the top of the food chain. It is his responsibility to be fully aware of the strengths – and enhance them, the weaknesses – and deal with them, of the organisation for which he is in charge. He has been a disaster for the NHS since day one.

T T Jackson 14 May 2017
Trust IT departments will all have security upgrades on their “to do” lists, but far too often action gets prioritised behind some more glamorous project or even a connecting a new PC in the pharmacy or supplies department.

Richard Holmes 14 May 2017
@T T Jackson Actually what is on their “To Do” list is usually:

1) Ask the CSU who supplies their IT to please upgrade their corporate software. CSU’s were created by Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act when IT functions were taken out of Primary Care Trusts.

2) Ask the commercial suppliers of their clinical systems to please release new versions of their clinical systems that are compatible with more recent versions of Windows/IE/Java etc.

Then it’s just a case of waiting and hoping.

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