Defence Secretary unable to deny Government failed to pay to keep NHS systems safe

You don’t need to spend anything to get the necessary security patch for a Windows XP. It’s free.

This NHS debacle is down to the incompetence and indifference of the government, especially Health Minister Hunt, and of the grossly overpaid NHS managers.

And where is Hunt the cnut to answer all these charges ?
Were I to guess, I would guess this little **$***** is ear-marked for big things in the Tory party – he seems to be very, very well protected
Which in turn leads me to the conclusion – he has to be a left handed bricklayer

Why don’t NHS have a proper backup system which is a priority for anyone with a computer setup – even novice users at home. If there’d been a proper backup system (and of course using modern software), it would have swung into action and saved most of the chaos exdperienced by staff and patients. So it seems either the Govt are totally un-computer savvy or the NHS are or both.

I just can’t believe the incredible incompetence that has been uncovered by this cyber attack. Outrageous lack of care for patients and their records.

I get the feeling Hunt will be lucky enough to get the sack to get out of this ToriCon omnishambles of a government when they reassemble in June. Mini fist pump Hunt.
Looking after the health of over 60 million people is inherently a very expensive business. Of course the NHS is a “monetary black hole”: it isn’t designed to generate a profit. That’s 80 Million we are looking after not 60 Million!

disMay has finally got the picture, Hunt is toxic. He’ll be told to keep a low profile until after the election, then he’ll disappear into some well-paid consultancy tasked with privatising the most viable bits of the NHS

silver darling
We get exceptionally good value for the money spent on NHS –

“In 2015, the UK spent, as a proportion of GDP, a similar amount on healthcare to Norway (9.9%) …

“The US spent the most on healthcare as a percentage of GDP (16.9%). The UK is ranked sixth out of the seven countries that form the G7 (a group of large developed economies) for healthcare expenditure as a proportion of GDP. Of these countries, in 2015 only Italy spent a smaller percentage of GDP on healthcare (9.1%) than the UK.”

Link Here

A 1 minute web search would have given you that info, so why are you here claiming ‘incompetency’ when it’s clear we need better funding to keep the NHS match fit for modern expectations?

Do you work for one of the medical or insurance businesses waiting to get their greedy privatising hands on our NHS?

silver darling
– > @Castilion

The US gets such poor outcomes on health spending because large amounts of that spending goes to pay dividends for medical business shareholders and profits for insurance companies.

The point is that the money we do spend is well spent for what it gives us BUT we need to spend more to modernise and improve the NHS.

I don’t discount that competency, especially around IT systems, is an issue but under funding is the main cause of NHS problems.

I hope that eejit Micky Fallon has ensured that MoD computers are secure or is he hoping that Trident WMD’s will be launched ‘accidentally’ to save him the bother?

GCHQ knew about this mode of attack yet did not warn anybody because they thought they might want to use it themselves. This is why May and Rudd are unfit to be in charge of national security; they simply do not understand the issues involved, and the NSA and GCHQ confuse their own interests with the national interest.

What’s this inflated old fart Fallon doing here lying.

Why isn’t Hunt the c#### here. He wants hunting down like a mad dog and #######.

Labour haven’t been in power since 2010 therefore outmoded vulnerable IT systems are well and truly the responsibility of the Tories. The Tories can’t help themselves when it comes to neglecting the NHS it is in their DNA.

£1.9bn set aside for cyber security.
Of which, £50m given to the NHS.
Where’s the other £1.85bn?

Fallon’s ‘large chunk’ is 2.5% of the £1.9b. Not such a large chunk, eh Fallon?

So we’re supposed to feel secure with the tories running our security are we……..what is it they keep saying about Corbyn being unreliable and a security risk……people in glass houses and all that! Pathetic bunch.

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