404 Error – Health Secretary Not found

Matthew Ryan @NLAT: He’s in Russia handing over passwords to Trump ” its P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D”
Anne-Marie Curry @NLAT:: must have a virus…
Alex Warren @NLAT: The malware is holding him to ransom for £150. Tory HQ is having a collection.  So far they’ve raised 47p, an old button and some pocket fluff.
Rita Cardwell @NLAT: Doing a Cameron
Mark Rosher @NLAT: They turned him off and on again, only he didn’t power back up.
Mattie Goblet @NLAT: He’s sent a message saying if we all pay him £300 he will resume service
Stephen Cooke @NLAT: In all seriousness though, Jeremy Hunt (the H is pronounced as a C), should be sacked for this. Anyone else making that kind of monumental error of judgment, despite evidence, risk and advice to the contrary that could put patient safety at extreme risk would have been bounced off the planet.
Nigel Charnock @NLAT: Last seen at the back of sever room with a network cable …. hasn’t been seen since !!!!!!!!!!
Andy Murdoch @NLAT: I’d REBOOT him all right.
Bath Against Cuts @NLAT: Brilliant!

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