I’m Voting Tory Because …… Michael Rosen

NLAT has collected the rest:
1. I’m voting Tory because I want rich people to do that wangle where they don’t pay income tax, they shunt it across to very low corporation tax.
2. I’m voting Tory because the Tories do nothing to provide social housing. People don’t need to live in decent homes.
3. I’m voting Tory because we must strut the world stage killing people. We need to spend more money on this NOW!
4. I’m voting Tory because Ian Duncan Smith talks about ‘low value people’. I like that. Tell people that ‘them over there’ are scum. C’mon!
5. I’m voting Tory because Jeremy Hunt went to war against Junior Doctors. Who needs doctors? Take us back to the 1880s.
6. I’m voting Tory so that we can have a few more grammar schools and thousands more children who are not allowed to go to them.

Alison Fox @ NLAT: not to mention killing animals for ‘sport’
Joy Wilson @ NLAT: And they frack in the desolate north!
Linda Hughes @ NLAT: There are no mines left for her to Close and no milk in schools for her to snatch, so she will sell the NHS instead.
John Harrison @ NLAT: And they kept the NHS computer security updated.

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