Huge French Voter Fraud Elects Macron President

William Mount

Published on May 8, 2017
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Blair GUSHES over Emmanuel Macron’s ‘extraordinary achievement’ in the French elections

Push off Bliar,the country doesn’t need another dose of you and your slippery,double-dealing ways,you are history and rotten history at that,FOAD,HOPEFULLY SLOWLY.  Cripes!

The Great Escape
This is interesting – Campbell as in Mandy Pandy’s Boy Friend! – Campbell is primarily a Scottish surname of Gaelic origins. In Scotland, the name itself derives from two Scottish Gaelic words. “Cam” (crooked) and “Beul” (mouth) meaning Crooked mouth or wry-mouthed!

Blair’s finally won a disciple: someone who’s followed his lead in marrying his teacher. With a bonus, Cherie is still older than Macron’s.

Bush left much to be desired. But smart enough to use Blair as his secretary ie to supply the spin-word-phraseology to take everyone in. Whether Blair was blind to that is uncertain but he did lend his services willingly, even gladly. Batted not an eyelid when Bush greeted him with a covert but disdainful “Yo Blair…” just like The office boss conceding a morning greeting but relieved to see his employee at his desk!
Bush the inarticulate if not illiterate as in one press conference he used the first-name of one lady present ie one Avril, to impress his audience with a “…that’s Spanish for April”…. Ye gods, what right suckers we were, the gullible willing tool to Bush. Today If he had any guts, any real honesty, self-esteem, he would (i) relinquish his British nationality and live on his recently acquired Irish citizenship (ii) leave British politics alone (iii) work for the dissolution of Brit-hating Irish political parties (iv) make a public proclamation of his respect for Brexit.
He would gain some kudos doing all these. And “gaining kudos” seems to be his main purpose in life.–Former-Prime-Ministers-children-Irish-passports-thanks-grandmother.html

Correction-edit: please read Abril for Avril.

He’s leaping before he looks again, just like he did with the Iraqi war. Pretty obvious that Macron’s “organised” achievement could turn out an illusion.  Opposition hasn’t just gone away over night. Plus he isn’t doing too well with Germany at the moment.

Bliar is always blowing a trumpet prematurely, desperate to grab anything to preserve his interests. But it may not be as easy for Macron as he hopes.

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