Civil servant Mark Lowcock who oversaw £60BILLION of foreign aid spending QUITS for UN role

This is not just disgraceful it is despicable. A man to oversees the spending of enough money to fund both the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education, on nuclear powers, tyrants and despots , now gets a plumb job in the UN, This UN is 25% funded by the USA and is it any wonder that their new President has an issue with them?
We should all have an issue with the tarnished, profligate UN for.It is OUR money they are wasting.

Failed politicians and jobs for the boys civil servants always seem to end up “employed” by the UN, [a very shady outfit in themselves], so he still gets to use our money for obscene causes, like the ones mentioned in the story, i mean, why would over 5.2million go to a girl band from Ethiopia ? That and many more questions have never been answered by the government, Dodgy Dave & co were responsible at the time which says it all. – I had to laugh at the end when someone was defending this loathsome creature Sir Mark, says it all.

Just what makes this guy a top civil servant? And why is it that these people, get paid much more than they are worth, then proceed to another overpaid job if they fail? The public service is a public fraud. They award positions to whom they like, they pay them fantastic salaries, numerous perks, vast retirement pots, for a part time job. Shouldn’t the public be involved in this circus, or, like the eu, we are only needed for the money they squander? Oh, and another example, that Patel woman and their kind employing family members on eye watering money.

May got him that job is she the sort of person you want for PM. She is as bad as Blair who seeded the civil service, the BBC and everything else with his own cronies. May is as bad don’t doubt it

Old Fogie
Lowcock was pushed because he was too comfortable in the role and a new broom was needed to tighten up the systems.

D is for Democracy
Live in luxury, shop in Harrods and send their people here on dinghies.
The African leaders also made a hell of a lot of money from the original slave trade. They helped capture their own people for trade, this is nothing new!

Trevor Ammanford
I’ve just received a water bill for £146 for 6 months. How come we can give Africa clean water for £2 a month?

DFiD should be scrapped altogether until such time this country is not borrowing money due to the national debt and the NHS is not collapsing. Sick and tired of seeing this great country being dragged down by excessive foreign aid. We can’t afford it. Charity rightly starts at home.

GW:  Unfortunate name.

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