Tony Blair blames Brussels for Brexit as they IGNORED him

Tony Blair the man who opened our boarders to millions of people without asking the British people causing the anti EU sentiment that built ever since, we saw our country changing and not for the better !!!!!

What difference does any of that make? No one in this country EVER voted to be part of a political union controlled by unelected mouthpieces. Blair needs to jump off the nearest cliff.

Flora Cobb
I can’t be the only person who is sick and tired of hearing from people, like this creature, that Brexit is a ‘right wing backlash’.
It is nothing of the kind. I’m sure there are many, if not most of the 17.4 million, who would not consider themselves ‘right wing’ – certainly not in the sense these people mean. I’m certainly not and know no-one who is.
What he can’t admit, of course, is that most voted leave because of the behaviour of our politicians over the last 44 years. That is, in not allowing the people of the UK to prevent our sovereignty as a nation being unlawfully handed over to an unelected set of bureaucrats in another country.
This man and all those surviving PMs, ministers and civil servants, are lucky they are not being tried for t r e a s o n.

Hey Tony they ignored you, and you’re on their side 100%! How do you think we feel???!!!!!!

Right Wing backlash?
Get a grip, it wasn’t and isn’t right wing backlash, it is across the political divide.
Even now, you still keep popping up, why not go and live on Branson’s island and get out of our sight?

Complainer, Hard Brexit HQ, UK ex EUSSR
Bliar and Brown are the cowardly traitors who offered us a referendum in the 2005 Liebour manifesto but subsequently denied us the referendum. Brexit is the best thing to happen in UK political history in the now 20 years after the Liebour disaster started.

“we have too many mutual interests, too much shared history, too profound a sense of common values”

Speak for yourself Blair. Personally I don’t share any “Common Values” with an Anti Democracy, Unelected, Unaccountable and Unsackable, Communist inspired EUssr.
I value Freedom and Democracy and National pride in ones country, its culture and history. All things the EUssr spits on.

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