The mysterious symbol left outside your home which could mean you’re being targeted by burglars

White stones have been spotted on driveways in Bristol

”“There are reports of a male leaving white stones outside of various properties.

“These distinctive stones are believed to have been left outside of properties which look unoccupied.

“This includes stones being left under rear tyres of some cars, possibly to act as a test for homeowner activity at the address.

“The male placing the stones is delivering charity bags for unwanted clothing,” he added.”

This has been going on for years in Denmark. Rocks, bottles, coke cans … even the trick with a charity asking for donations being left outside.

I use a mobility scooter which certain low lifes find it ok to steal as well. I moved recently and have been warned by several neighbours in the area that they have seen people fiddling with it. I use a heavy chain and lock but really – a wheelchair?

The place where I live is independent apartments but for disabled or elderly people. I have noticed someone leaving beer caps near the front door and in the shopping basket on my wheelchair. Now I am thinking it may also be one of these plots to figure out my routines or something like that!

I know that the people seen messing with my wheelchair are not Danish but many of these things are masterminded by the same people who flood all European cities with begging and stealing. I have no issues with foreigners who come here to work, study, make a life for themselves – but these people who come here to beg and steal … i really wish the authorities would do more to keep them out.

GW:  Yes a lot of it most probably is orchestrated – especially the copycat stuff e.g. when the perp always seems to have a machete  – like they have just come from a bit of bushwhacking have they?  And possibly all the public nudity stuff.  Who in their right mind would do that with a slack **$* and sagging *oo****.

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